The happiest award

Hey there !
Anything new ? I started school again. Feels so weird to be back and a year older. I think this year is going to be though and stressful but I’ll get trough. I have to. I’ve also been recently nominated to do this post. It grabbed my attention right away just because of the title of it. I got nominated by Ann. She’s a lovely blogger who blogs about english-speaking countries. Her blog is very interesting and unique so I recommend you just go there and see it by yourself. Click here to see her blog ! Oh, and Ann if you’re reading this …thank you again for the nomination !

This award was created by Silvia (click here to check her blog as well).


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This award is about happiness, so all the questions are related to it!
Why not talking about the things that make us happy?

Can you tell us your favourite…

  • place: My room or just a random quiet place in nature.
  • film/TV show: Probably Into the Wild.
  • song: Oh this one is hard ! There are so many that I like ! Let’s say Robbers by The 1975 and Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers at the moment.
  • activity: Dancing !
  • drink: I usually drink water so I guess that. Or maybe water with lemon or something you add to it.
  • food: I’m a big fan of tortillas, but also love chicken salad. Is it wrong if I say everything ?
  • holiday: Christmas ! Everybody gets so nice and jolly it’s just great.
  • book: I actually don’t have a favourite one. I’ve read a few that I liked but haven’t found the one that’d really amazed me to the point I could call it “my favourite”

Name 3 things that make you happy

Smiles, sun, dancing.

There are so many other things it’s hard to name just three. Almost everything that has at least a bit of positivity makes me happy.
My favourite post : This one at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed this post ! Let me know if you’d like me to do a separate posts of “my favourites” as I have too many to name. (My favourite movies for example).

Have a lovely day !



Summer 2017

I’m not going to lie. My summer was quite awesome this year. I’ve experienced new things and met lots of awesome people. It was probably the first time “this summer is going to be great” actually came to reality.

First of all, I was by the seaside for 46 days. From 1st July to 15th August. I admit I was a bit tired of it at the end, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. So many things happened ! Here are the highlights :

I went to Fun park !

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetfun park

Chilling under the trees and reading a book.

Drinking coconut water from the coconut.


Hiking adventures.

Drinking coctails.

Eating ice cream cups.

Admiring the sea.

Boat ride.

I even found a camera with a footage on it and full battery.

And that’s not all of it. I’ve played volleyball, went parasailing, met people, watched fireworks, sat by the beach and had deep conversations with my friends. I played with kids and taught one how to reflect a ball so he’s enthused about volleyball now. By sayings of people around me I’ve reached tan goal as I don’t remember ever being so tanned as this year. I even got scratched by a dog. I’ve also turned 17 and spent lots of time with my friends when I came home.

So yeah, my summer was pretty amazing, what about yours ? Did you do anything interesting this year ?


Useful websites for going back to school (essay writing)

Oh what a wonderful time of the year it is ! No, it’s not Christmas. It’s back to school season ! *drowns in tears*

Okay, going back to school is not THAT horrible. First few days can be actually fun. Meeting all of your friends, seeing what’s new, etc. The struggle begins when first assignments start to fly out of nowhere. Tons of homework and studying to do. The time when all of those “study tips” posts you read should come in handy, but you decide to re-read them instead of studying. You know, just in case knowing all those tips may help you more than memorizing things you actually should know. Let’s face it. No matter what you read and decide to do differently, you end up doing it your way anyways.

You know what else takes a lot of time ? Essay writing. I mean, I spend the first hour just making the title pretty. Not cool. In fact, essay writting can be cool if you know a few tricks. I don’t know plenty, but I found a few websites that may help you. No, they don’t write anything instead of you, but they can help you get a better grade.
This is an app that helps you check your writing. Simply paste the text into the app and you’ll see what you should change. I think the picture itself is quite self-explanatory.

It’s so hard to get the right amount of words sometimes. This app gets you extra motivation for every 100 words ( you can change that to 200, 500, etc.). And here comes the best part. Every 100 words you write you get a picture of a kitty ! How awesome is that ? You can change the pictures you’re getting in case you don’t like cats.

This website is great for learning how to write an essay. Once you come to the page click “start writing now” to get you to the programme (see above). It takes you step by step trough the process of writing. From choosing a subject you’re going to write about, writing a thesis statement to the final steps of publishing it.
If you want to know how readable your text is, this is the right site for you.

Instead of Word I recommend using this website for writing. The reason is very simple. There are no distractions. No text styling. Nothing. It’s great for focusing on your work without extra procrastinating. You can set a target word count as well. If having a nice title means so much to you, you can still copy your work into Word and edit it there.
Have you heard of any of these websites before? Do you know any useful ones ? Let me know in the comments !

NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


How to pick a perfect gift

Lift your hand if you never know what to buy somebody as a gift. Lift your other hand if you are often not sure whether it’s enough / they’ll like it. I’m assuming you ran out of hands to lift so I’ll stop right there. You know where this is going. Oh yes, the struggle is real.

Wherever you go, whatever you do there is somehow this need of bringing a gift. Whether we’re talking about a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, wedding or just a simple visit of your grandparents. It’s always nice to “bring something”.
shop anniversary gift guides by year
Now let’s say you’re about to buy a gift. You want to be creative and not just give money in an envelope. You pick something up that seems suitable for the occasion. Untill you come home. There is suddenly a list full of non-ending questions. Did I spend too much /little ? What if they don’t like that anymore? Do they already own something like that ? …

I am no expert myself in picking up gifts, and was pretty much just describing myself up there, but I do have some tips.

Check your budget
You’ll have to know how much money you want to spend for somebody / what you can afford. A nice DIY is sometimes better that the most expensive diamond ring.

Listen & plan
It’s never too soon for planning. If you listen carefully you’ll see that most people tell what they want during everyday conversations. ” I really have to buy myself a big, cosy sweater. I really want a blue one, but they only have red …” Hint: they want a sweater. If they don’t get it by the time, you can be the one to buy it for them. To make things easier you can write down all the things they mention like that and then you just cross out the ones you know they changed their mind about.Scratch Map

Using the internet
Internet is a great place for seeking ideas. From Pinterest, Instagram to actual websites and online stores. One, I’ve recently found out about is uncommongoods. They are a friendly company offering you all kinds of unique, recycled, handmade and organic gifts. They offer a friendly environment to their workers and make sure that their products do no harm to animals or people. They care about customers as well and are open to new ideas. Not only do they work with smaller artists but also donate their money to organisations such as RAINN, American Forests, International Rescue Committee, etc. I suggest you click here and learn more about them yourself.

Decide what you want to achieve
Do you want to bring a person something expensive or a bit more personal? Do you want them to cry their eyes out once they see it or just smile happily ?My Life Story - So Far

A good thing to think about is about the gift being useful. No matter how much you spend for it if the person won’t use it it’s just a waste of money.

Being appropriate
This one depends on the situation. If buying something for a graduation, consider family members being there, so instead of some super embarrassing photo give them a necklace for example.

That’s all the tips I have for you. I hope you find what you’re looking for ! Let me know if you have any tips yourself in the comments !

NOTE: This post is sponsored by uncommongoods. All of the pictures are from their site as well.


How to be productive

How to get things done? How to stop procrastinating? What to do when you can’t make yourself do things? How to put yourself together? These may look like something you’ll type into Google search and hope for the best results. If we’re completely honest, just reading articles about productivity aren’t enough. I know you’ve read a ton of posts like this one. I mean, am I the only one who reads articles about procrastinating while procrastinating ? Or study tips while I should study? Why is this post different from any other on the topic? It probably isn’t.
Look, I’m a huge procrastinator. Call me lazy or just tired of things. Now that is summer, I have all those plans on writing blog posts and scheduling them forward. How do you think that’s going? The sad thing is that when I have no time at all, blog is all I think about. Will I be able to publish this week? What if people forget about me? But now that I have all the time in the world that I could write 5 posts a day. What do I do ? Nothing. I make myself coffee, even tho I usually don’t drink it, just to give myself more time.

Surprisingly, I’ve figured out a way on how to be at least a bit productive over the last few days. To get things done after all. No, I don’t have my posts scheduled till September, but I have one in the drafts waiting to be published. That’s something, right?

If you’re still interested in reading this post, you can find my tips below. I am not saying they will help you, but I can try. Maybe you’ll find out something new after all.

Start early
Now, I know you expect from me to say that you should wake up early. But do you really have to? I don’t mind if you get up at 1 pm, but once you get awake start working. I usually wake up around 9 am in the summer and I have plenty of time to do things. I prefer getting up a bit earlier sometimes just because it’s not that hot outside yet and it’s easier to start doing things. The sooner you start, more things you’ll get done and the sooner you’ll finish. Let your goal be to have extra time in the evening rather than stressing the whole day about something you should be doing, but are too lazy to start. And remember, once you start it will be hard to stop. Keep yourself entertained. You’ll see that once you stop you’ll have a feeling of missing something. Like you have more things to do. And let me not talk about the feeling you’ll get when you get things done before lunch time !DSC_0628.JPG

Don’t rush it
I know I just told you to start as soon as you can, but this tip isn’t about that. There is never so much work that is seems. You may think you won’t be able to wash the dishes, because you have so much other work to do, but come on, that takes you a few minutes. Having a lot of work doesn’t mean spending hours in completing it. So do not rush, because all you’ll do is stress yourself and that is not what we want. Because if that happens you’ll be in a bad mood and you’ll get nowhere.

Motivate yourself
Put it in that way: ” The sooner I start working, the sooner I’ll get things done and I will be able to spend my time doing something that I enjoy / want doing (for example reading a book, watching a movie,etc.).

Make it fun
Try to figure out a way on how to make work interesting, fun. Play yourself your favorite songs while tidying, make yourself a nice breakfast, etc. Enjoy ! Have fun ! Do not think about all the stuff you have left to do ! One thing at the time.DSC_0590

Write a to do list
By doing that you’ll know exactly what you have to do. Oh and also ticking that “done” boxes is fun and I guarantee it will make you happy.DSC_0595

Don’t push yourself too hard
Plan your tasks in a way that suits you. Don’t put too much to yourself. You’re a human after all.

That’s it. Nothing you’ve never heard before, but it might at least motivate you a bit.

I wish you all a productive day !





“Am I really that ugly ?”

It was a beautiful, sunny morning. It was the middle of the summer and I was waiting with my friend A for my friend B. Their actual names aren’t A and B nor do their names start with these letters, but I’ll call them like that. Okay, I was sitting with my friend A at a bus station. We weren’t getting on a bus, but we didn’t know where else to wait. There was a shadow and a bench and it seemed like a nice idea. We had to wait for a few minutes. I don’t know exactly what were we talking about, but it seemed important or interesting as I didn’t see the girl who came to sit next to me. Well I saw her coming and sitting down, but didn’t pay too much attention to it. Meeting strangers at a bus station is nothing unusual. But what was about to happen was.

You see, I take a bus home everyday from school. I’ve seen a bunch of people standing there and a bunch who go on the same one as me. But never have I talked to them nor did they talked to me. I wait there with my friends and I never had the urge to go there and start a conversation. I wouldn’t know what to say anyways and it would be weird. Talking to someone just like that about something other than “When’s the bus coming?” or “Did we miss it?” is a bit awkward. Nobody really does it. I guess we’re just shy of meeting new people even if we want to. Or the people you see are weird. Either way it’s a no-go.

Now this girl who came. She sat there for a while, looking like she’s lost in her thoughts. I continued a conversation with my friend A while she suddenly interrupted us. She said : “Am I really that ugly? ” and looked at us. We weren’t talking about her appearance. We weren’t talking about her at all to make things clear. Nothing that she could understand wrong. She just asked us that with a sad look in her eyes. We both turned to her, surprised and a bit shocked, because that came out of nowhere and we weren’t expecting her to say anything at all, specially not something like that. I said: “No, why?” and she just shrug her shoulders and looked away. In that moment I’ve noticed that her face was a bit swollen, like she was crying and her eyes a bit red. We had to go then, because it was time to meet up with the friend B, but I couldn’t get that girl out of my mind for days. 19551643_1347396412034199_526711316_o

It was so strange to have someone ask me that in person. Okay, I’ve seen a billion posts like that before and I’ve talked about this with people in person before, but never has a stranger asked me something like that. I couldn’t stop thinking about the reasons she acted like that. Did she broke up with someone? Is she bullied ? Did someone said something like that to her? I had a billion questions and only then I realized that I didn’t ask her any of it. I didn’t help her, have I ? All I said was “no, why?”. She didn’t seem like she wanted to talk, but I could try. Why did I just leave? At least I wasn’t quiet, but still. What if there was a way I could have helped that girl? If you want to know my friend A didn’t do anything as well. I don’t know if she even said something.

We’re not bad people. I always do things in a way nobody gets hurt. I usually care about other people’s happiness more that I do mine. I don’t do enough for myself and always try to make everyone happy. But why was I quiet this time? Because she wasn’t my friend? Because she was a stranger? What does that have to do with it?

I’ve seen that girl a few times after that. At least I think it was her. She seemed okay and I don’t think she remembered me. Maybe she was just thinking out loud, but I’ll never forget that, because it got me thinking. Maybe it’s good to mention that she looked older than us, she wasn’t exactly a 10-year-old. I’m not trying to say that anything has to do with her age, but you might appreciate the fact to see a bigger picture.

Every time I look myself into the mirror and see something I don’t like I remember her. Bad hair day. Pimple in the middle of my forehead. Another one on the nose. Cracked lips. Dark circles under eyes. And there’s that girl. 19576621_1347396418700865_210604413_o

I know you felt like this before. Everybody does. Even the model of the year or miss universe. We’re all people. Hard to believe, huh ? It’s true. I know you know about Photoshop and things they do to the models to look their best. I know you know it’s all fake. That you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. Be the unique self. Blah blah blah.

There is truth in all of this and I’m going to mention it a few times more, but does that help you ? Like really help you? Why do you have to read those advises day by day ? Put them on your wall so you remember yourself everyday how beautiful you are ? Why ? It’s not that hard to remember, accepting it is harder. I don’t think you need those words said that many times rather than learning to use them.

Why don’t you remember how many times somebody complimented you, told you you look beautiful ?Why don’t you accept it rather than say “yeah, right” and forget about it ? Bad words hurt us more, I know that. If you made a list of all the times somebody called you beautiful and ugly on the other side, don’t you think there would be more of the positive ones ? I believe so, if not, people around you are jerks. Sorry, but it’s true. Because everybody is beautiful. Every. Single. One. Sounds like such a cliché to say that, but listen to me. I don’t lie. Not to my readers.19250200_1347396415367532_1500985149_o

Beauty is never measured just by the appearance. But what about ..? No. You know who ugly people are to me ? Do you want to know what “ugly” means to me ? The ones who go out there and kill people for no reason. People who have no conscience. The ones who are hypocritical. People like that. Wait there a second. I didn’t mention pimples, cellulite or frizzy hair. Because honestly, I don’t mind that. All I ask for is personal hygiene for your own good and that’s it.

Wear make up if you want to, not because you “have to”. Look at it as a way of expressing yourself trough art. Be comfortable in your own skin. Appreciate every compliment even from your mom and compliment back even if you don’t know the person. Make their day. Who cares if it might be weird. Don’t be quiet as I was. Be better than me.Be kind. You never know what kind of struggles the person is going trough, even if everything seems fine. Be the change you wanna see. Be the one who dared to say something as simple as “Wow, this shoes are lovely!”

I know I’d act differently now. I just wish I knew that before.



Things to do before the end of the school year

Yes, you’re right. Another school year is coming to an end. How was it ? Did you accomplish anything exciting ? I hope you don’t have much stuff to do left, because I’m about to give you 10 more. But they are easy, I swear 😉

  1. Return all the books
    This one is so obvious, but people still tend to forget it. Whether you borrowed a book from your friend or a library, make sure to take it back. You do not want to pay penalty for delay, nor do you want mean looks from the librarian. You will need their help again.
  2. Go trough your school stuff
    I’ve already mentioned books. But I’m sure there are many supplies and notebooks that are lying around you. End of the school year is the perfect time for going trough them, throwing away the things you won’t need anymore, and seeing how many supplies you have left for the next year. Why would you spend money on something you don’t have to? A tip that I have is not to throw old notebooks away. You never know when you’ll need them again. Also a lot of teachers like to make mini tests at the beginning of the year to see how much of knowledge there is left from the previous year. A lot of things are connected anyways, so if you forget the basics you can just look it back. Oh, and if you do that now, you won’t have to do it later which will make it much easier to you.
  3. Clean
    There is always so much stuff in my bag at the end of the school year. A great idea is to clean it up, maybe wash it, and put it in the closet till next year. Cleaning your room or at least desk can be helpful before summer begins as well. Having plans of cleaning your room in the summer usually don’t work out, so just do it now and avoid it later.
  4. Contacts
    Enough about cleaning. There are people who made this year either horrible or awesome. You might be bored this summer or would just want to chat a bit with either of those. What do you do if you want that ? Get their contact (if you haven’t yet). I’m talking about phone numbers, social media usernames, etc. You can even ask them for their address, so you can send them postcards.
  5. Summer plans
    Make a huge bucket list for the summer. Everything you want to do and all the places you want to go to. Warning: after completing it you may not want to go back to school and wish somebody invented a time machine where you could just skip time till the break.
  6. Make a summer playlist
    How can you even be ready for summer without a playlist ?
  7. Make a reading list
    I usually spend hours in library trying to find at least two books that suit me. On the other hand I have so many on my mind I’d like to read. Do I ever make a list before going to the library? No. Does that make sense? No. Would it be helpful ? Yes!
  8. Goals for the next year
    If we’re talking about lists, let’s just make another one. There might be some things you want to do next year. Writing down all of your goals can be great to look back to and to give yourself a bit of motivation.
  9. Be friendly
    I don’t know if it’s just me or the fact that school is about to end. I sometimes get annoyed of people right at the end. I don’t know why, but I can’t wait for summer to begin. If you ever feel like that as well, just keep in mind to be friendly. You don’t want extra drama. Not now.
  10. Make a countdown 
    You’ve probably done this at the beginning of the year when you kept asking people how much is there till the next summer break. But hey, it’s not to late if you haven’t yet !

What is on your list of things to do before the summer break ?

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Dog: Man’s best friend

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you have probably noticed that I’m a huge dog person. I own one myself. His name is Piki, and he has been making my life happier for the past 8 years. IMG_0696

I have always adored dogs. Some of my favourite childhood memories include dog walks, and hiding myself from that huge one, with a bell around his neck, with my neighbour. I remember the day my friend found two by the river that someone has probably kicked out. They have been adopted, and are probably enjoying spending time with their families now.In 4th grade I even gave a presentation about my dog.

I wanted to have my own so bad that I would not stop torturing my parents about it. I still remember the day I got him, and how he looked at me the moment I called him “Piki”. That day is one of the happiest and best days I remember. Getting a dog was such a big deal for me. I told all of my friends and soon everyone would know me by the fact that I love dogs.IMG_5037

Piki was and still is a big part of my life. I got him when I was 9, and he was with me trough the whole process of being a teenager and “growing up”. I can’t imagine my life without him because he really does make everything better.

We do have some troubles with him sometimes because he is very stubborn and just won’t do what you say if he decides not to. He absolutely hates other male dogs, and he doesn’t get along well with kids because they didn’t treat him well when he was young. But other than that he is a very happy and energetic little dog that never fails to make someone’s day. IMG_0549

Every day when I (or anybody else he knows) come home, he jumps and licks like he haven’t seen me in ages. He comes when we eat, and looks with his big eyes when begging for food. On walks he picks a branch and runs around with it like he is trying to make you play with him. And I could go on. These little things all lead to the fact that life without dogs would be boring.IMG_0657

Why do I love dogs so much? Being cute has nothing to do with it, I could say that’s just a bonus. They are the sweetest, kindest creatures that would literally do anything for you. Even die if they had to. Our furry friends really are our best friends. I’m not saying other animals aren’t great as well, it’s just something about dogs that makes them special.IMG_5050

Not only has been Piki (and other dogs) making my days, but also improved my health. Okay, I never had any bigger problems when it came to my health, but still. I’m sure you’ve all seen the amazing things dogs do. People train them to help the blind, rescue people, they work with police, are good at therapy, helping people getting trough tough times, etc. I’ve noticed something similar with Piki as well. He makes me calm no matter the level of stress I’m going trough. He obviously can’t talk and I could tell him everything if I had to. Dogs don’t judge and they don’t tell your secrets. I don’t know why, but sometimes I have a feeling he understands, or should I say ,is there to support me even though everything I can rely on is his eyes. IMG_5049

There is some kind of connection between humans and dogs that nobody can really explain. I’ve seen that myself a while ago, but I won’t go into details.

Having a dog means having to go for walks with them. It can be a bit “oh do I have to” situation, but it always makes me feel better. Always. Sometimes I’m so stressed out about school or other things, and I have so much going on that the last thing I need is taking my dog out. But I never regret it afterwards. IMG_0558

Being stressed means working even harder and being inside all day, by computer if possible. At least for me. Having Piki forces me to go out, and to breathe some fresh air and relax, even if the walk is very short. It’s much easier to think afterwards and who would have though, all of the problems I have don’t seem so big anymore, when I get back. Of course having a really energetic dog could mean long walks and consequently being in good shape or what so ever. So yes, they can improve mental and physical health.

You can see and learn more about it on the graphic.puppyspot_dogs_health_x2_v02.jpg

It was made by PuppySpot. This is their home page and Puppies page. “PuppySpot is a service committed to helping responsible breeders place their puppies with caring individuals and families.” They are a company that raises puppies and finds them a suitable home. Dogs are raised by professionals. They take good care of them and make sure that they go to the vet regularly, and are healthy before giving them away. Who knows maybe you’ll found a suitable puppy for yourself there. If you go to the Puppies page you can pick gender, age, breed, etc. and read all about their parents, weight and other information. Besides pictures they also have short videos of them, so you get to know your puppy well before you get it. It’s like an online store for puppies, but I have to point out once again that they treat them nice, and take really good care of them.

I suggest you check out their page and watch the video on their “About us” page. That will explain way better who they are than I did, or you can just click here . I haven’t adopted a puppy from them before, but looking at those pictures I want to have them all !

As you may tell they did ask me to include them in my post, but I didn’t get paid so this is NOT a sponsored post. All of the opinions are my own, and I really wanted to help them out a bit, because they really do seem like someone to trust.

Are you a dog lover? Do you have any pets ? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, please tell me more in the comments as I’d be very interested in reading that !




“I worry too much.” A phrase every human being has said or thought of at least once in their lives.

According to dictionary worrying means :” causing anxiety about actual or potential problems”. See, that’s the thing I don’t get. How can we worry about potential problems if they haven’t happened yet? How do we know what the future will bring ? People don’t believe in magicians and fortune tellers, but they do believe themselves, that they can predict a failure? You can never be sure whether your predictions are right or not. You just want to prevent something bad to happen. Okay, I get that. But why do we worry about things we have no influence on?Literally none.

Let’s take me as an example. I have a test soon. I have more than two weeks to get ready for it. We have a short break from school now which means I’m able to study 24/7 if I want to. It’s the first day of the break and I already worry about not starting to study yet. I’m writing physics exam which,I admit, is not exactly my strength. I never study two weeks before the exam, so why do I worry about not doing it now? Is it because I know my friend is already doing it? I know people need a different amount of time to get things, so again, why? I’m being in a bad mood and feeling sorry for myself. But do I open my books and do it ? No. I know I have enough time, but I feel bad about it at the same time.

I know how stupid that sounds as I’m writing it down. People worry about all kinds of things and there’s me worrying about the stupidest thing possible that doesn’t even have an explanation.

I know everything will be all right at the end. I keep telling myself that I don’t have to worry. That I have enough time.I’m thinking of all these excuses and solutions. But constantly trying to calm myself down is tiring.

Knowing you can do nothing about it is the worst. The best solution is to not think about it. But that’s easier said than done. I don’t know how some people don’t worry about anything. Is it just a thing to say to make you feel better or an actual thing? I imagine their life not being as stressful but can’t see myself in that way either.

It’s weird to say that worrying has brought me quite far. I would be lying if I claimed otherwise. It’s still absolutely one of the worst feelings existing. But if I wouldn’t panic at times I wouldn’t get things done.

I know that how I feel is completely normal. I’m not the only teenager worrying about grades and school. Worrying is a hobby of all generations.

If you can’t help worrying, worrying won’t help you either. Imagine how many times you’ve worried before but everything turned out great at the end. I know it’s impossible to avoid it, but we can at least minimize it. The future will bring what it will and we can’t exactly change that. We can only hope and do things we know will lead us to the right direction.

Let’s all make something towards saying: ” I worry too much.” Let’s swap it with: “I worry when I need/want to.”

Let me know your thoughts about this in the comments!

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How to get up with a smile on your face

What’s the point ?



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