First of all you are not alone and you should not feel bad about that.

Second, I won’t be trying to convince you that you don’t need anyone and you are better on your own, because to be honest I do not know that. Maybe you are happier alone but maybe not. Either way it’s okay. You will find someone someday. Why wouldn’t you ?

I don’t know what exactly am I trying to achieve with this post. Last couple of days haven’t been my best. They had nothing in common with my love life but maybe I realized that this is the topic I usually think about when I have nothing better to do. Okay, you see a cute boy/girl and start thinking about him/her. Okay. You can’t really influence that. But, when there’s nobody special in your life and you’re just thinking about how nice it would be to have someone, you’re basically just entertaining yourself so you’re not bored. Or you might be daydreaming to forget about the rest of things around you. It might comfort you a bit, imagining that someone is in love with you. Maybe someone truly is.DSC_0094

So that being said, think about all the times you’ve been truly happy doing something on your own or with your friends without any kind of crushes. How many times have you thought to yourself you’re unhappy because you don’t have someone ‘special’ next to you? Well maybe you did. I couldn’t possibly know that. What I’m trying to say is, you’re only thinking about it and feeling sorry about yourself when you want to or make yourself think that. No, you should not ignore your thoughts. No, you should not lock yourself inside, convincing yourself you don’t need no man/woman. But you should not cry about it all the time either. Think about it. How many times did something great happen to you unexpectedly ? Quite a few, huh ? Usually, (maybe it’s just me) the less I think about someone, the more chances are that something nice will happen. If you keep thinking about all possible scenarios you end up being miserable and not happy because non of it came true.DSC_0104

Now, Valentine’s day. Come on. What do couples really get out of it ? Yes, they are buying each other gifts and convincing love to one another, but they shouldn’t need a special day for that. I mean, what if everything is just made because of industry, money. Buy chocolate hearts and flowers and teddy bears so your partner will love you! Yeah, sure.

I admit, chocolate does make you happy, but that’s because it’s chocolate, not because it’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone expects to get something and is brainwashed with movie scenes of that day, how you’re watching Netflix with someone and going out on fancy dinner. Okay. I want that too. But that’s movies, kids. Haven’t life thought you that movies are waaaay different from actual, real life ?DSC_0103

We’re all jealous of those Instagram stories and cute pictures and cute gifts and cute matchy T-shirts. Anyways, cuteness overload. But come on. They can brag with heart-shaped pillow when you can fill your heart with spending the day doing something that fulfills you. (Or just sleep the whole day. I mean, I don’t care. People need to sleep.)

I don’t think that many perfect couples are actually so perfect if that makes you feel better. I hear “oh do you know he cheated on her like 10 times” all the time. For people I’d never thought. “But they do so many things together” ,“They are so cute together”, “Haven’t they been dating for like 2 years now?”.DSC_0088

Anyways, there are more important things to worry about. So many things are happening around you that you probably don’t see. Open your eyes for something other than searching prince charming. You’ll find him or he’ll find you sooner or later. Till then, do your thing. Dance, study, jump, run, read, sleep, laugh, cry… I don’t care. Do you and don’t you dare thinking you’re not good enough to make it happen.