Well yes. Yes I did. I don’t know how it happened nor why but it did. It’s short and lame but I decided to post it anyways. I felt inspired and the words just wrote themselves somehow. It’s my first poem of this sort so be gentle. I wrote it a while ago but only now decided to post it. We’ll see whether that was a good decision or not.DSC_0072

I imagined it as a spoken word poetry and wanted to do a little video with it. I thought that could turn out even more awakward but let me know if you still want me to do that. Here we go.


How awesome would it be
to be able to touch the clouds ?
Maybe there’s nothing to see,
maybe there are no sounds,
but I’d just like to know how it feels
to be there
and watch their rainy meals,
doing nothing but stare,
with puff in your hands
and wind in your hair,
going trough lands,
mixing the air.

How awesome would it be
finding a way,
just for me
without the clouds skipping away ?
To jump and run
and walk and lay
to scream for fun
or maybe pray.
I see them going by
day by day
making me wanna cry
because they don’t stay.

How awesome would it be
flying far,
to know their recipe
of meeting a star ?
I like the colors sunrise gives
or even sunset,
when sun leaves,
with regret.
I know it’s just a dream
I have when I adore
how beautiful they seem,
always wishing more.


Please let me know what you think about it. Shall I try to write another one or is it better that I stop ? Let me know in the comments !