Summer heat can be exhausting. After a day out in the sun, I usually just want to lay down and get a nap. But I’ve noticed my skin being tired as well. The mixture of sun and salt dries out my skin. I’m not a fan of putting lots of cream on my face, because then it feels oily. I know, decide what you want right? I’ve found a recipe that was quite helpful to me and might help you as well. DSC_04341

It felt good the minute I put it on. Soooo refreshing ! I guess you didn’t come here to read about my complains and rambling, so I’ll just get to it.
You will need: 
1 ripe banana
juice of a lemon
1 tbsp honey

How to do: Mash the banana with a fork, add the lemon juice and honey and mix it all together. Put it on your face and leave it there for about 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water.
Bananas are good moisturizers, known for the big amount of potassium, Vitamin E and C, they contain. They all provide a glowing skin.
Lemons are rich in Vitamin C which helps brighten and lighten the skin. Also good at removing blackheads.
Honey is a good moisturizer as well, antioxidant and it slows down the effects of aging. It’s said to lighten the skin as well and decreases the scars and increases the healing regeneration.
My skin felt great when I rinsed the face mask off. I think I’ll be doing it more frequently from now on. It just feels so good when you know what you’re putting on your skin. So natural and made of things that you can find in a kitchen.
DISCLAIMER : This might not work with everyone as people have different types of skin. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, DO NOT do it. I am no professional, just an amateur who decided to try this out. There shouldn’t be problems with it, but better be safe than sorry.

Do you have any face mask recipes that work for you ? Share them in the comments !