I was thinking about doing a blog series for a while now. I wanted to do something that will spread happiness and positivity among people. Picking a name is probably the hardest and I decided to go with “Worlity”. It’s like a ship name for world and positivity. A perfect explanation of the series in a word.

There are many ways of spreading positivity, supporting each other,etc. I want to achieve that with blog posts. And there are no limits when it comes to writing. From positive experiences; tips on being positive; ways on helping others to passions and motivation. No need to exclude negative stories as well, because we all know that life isn’t always strewn with roses and we must learn from our mistakes.

The goal of this is to improve self-love, help and support others, bring joy, peace and equality awareness. I do believe that by doing the smallest things for someone, even for yourself makes a huge difference.You are contributing in making this world a happy place.

I want us to get rid of our insecurities, worries and make this series a place people go to when they need help with basically anything life related (career, love, health, etc.) or just need a bit of motivation. To make everybody feel accepted, special and loved. To encourage each other not to give up on your dreams and beliefs.

I want to build a community, so I need your help. Single opinion and point of view isn’t enough. So I call out everyone who’d like to be a part of it to send me an email on: nushablog@gmail.com with “Worlity” in the subject line. If anything popped up to your head or have something you always wanted to share, you have the opportunity to do it now. And no, you don’t have to be a blogger, writer or what so ever to do it. It’s a non-judgement zone so write whatever you want to share with others.

You never know, you may change someone’s life or just make someone’s day. Small steps. I also encourage you to build friendships and connect with each other.

Here are some posts that I wrote and will include in the series:
How to become a better person

What’s the point ?

Bad day

How to get up with a smile on your face

A challenge to think about 

30 day spreading positivity challenge 

A man who loved his work

I hope you like the idea and I won’t be the ony one sharing my ideas for this series. I look forward to hear your opinions. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section !