This supposed to be a guest post, but never made it till there. I still want to share my story on how it all started. So if you ever asked yourself why do I blog, here ya go.

For start, I’d like to represent myself.I am Nusha (if you don’t know that yet) and I blog (obviously). My blog is mostly about lifestyle and travel adventures. I like writing about everyday things and stuff that randomly comes to my mind. Every day is different and each of them can be an inspiration to my posts.

I’ve started blogging 3 years ago. I think that I was just randomly searching the web for something. I somehow came across blogging. At first I didn’t even think of starting my own blog. If someone would recommend it to me, I’d probably laugh. But the idea would not get out of my mind.

I watched YouTube videos all the time. I admit that I often imagined of having my own channel and would even talk to myself while getting ready. Something didn’t convince me about it. Maybe I was just too afraid. Once I came across blogging I thought to myself : “if not doing YouTube I could do blogging. It’s easier to keep it a secret if you want to and nobody has to know who’s behind all those posts !” Soon after that I was searching for good blogging websites and reading reviews. Before even knowing it I already had an account on WordPress.

It took me a bit to get used to it. I named it TravelWithMee, because I liked the idea of traveling and writing about it. I wanted to travel the world ( still want to ). But it was quite impossible to do that at my age when I wasn’t even old enough to get to the plane, neither have I visited that many places before that. I realised that there’s a long journey till I will travel again, but I really wanted to write.

I think one of my first posts was just a quick introduction of myself. I searched for ideas and decided to do lifestyle related posts. I published quite a lot of them but I had no readers and only my closest friends knew about it. The problem was that I could stop and start blogging again after months. I also created a twitter account and it was quite similar with it too.

After a while I decided to start fresh. I didn’t delete my previous blog, I put it on private. I was thinking a lot about my new name. I wanted to name it after myself but I’m from Slovenia and my whole name can be confusing sometimes even to Slovenians. I still wanted to write in English so everyone could read it. My name is Nuša, but I changed it to Nusha for blog. I thought it was just long enough and easy to remember. I decided to get serious with it. Still many people don’t know about it. I’m not embarrassed of it, I just don’t want people to know. It’s not a common thing here to have a blog or YouTube channel and I don’t want to be remembered as “the one with a blog” even if it isn’t meant in a negative way. I don’t mind if anyone finds it. Go ahead. I just won’t tell you to go search for it.

I’m getting way more comfortable now. Especially since I met @GRLPOWRCHAT girls. I uploaded my profile picture from behind but it’s quite a huge step for me. I came quite far. I even have readers now ! I found out that blogging is kind of my thing. I like expressing my mind and talking about specific topics. Just writing basically. When some people said that they loved my latest post or my blog in general that meant so much. That motivated me to keep doing it (still does). I now try to post at least once a week and not twice a month as I used to.

Blogging has helped me with expressing myself, gave me confidence, I improved my writing skills and English. It made me so much happier as well. I now search for inspiration in every day, because something that inspired me to do a certain blog post might inspire my readers too. I like to help and make people happy. Blog kind of gives me the chance to do it in a way.

My blogging experiences are great so far. It helped me meet so many amazing people who I wouldn’t otherwise. Sure, it stresses me out sometimes, because I don’t know what to post or don’t have time. But a single comment changes everything. Just knowing that people actually read my blog is incredible.

I don’t know what future will bring. I have never imagined I would be a part of GRLPOWR blogging community or that stats would actually show me something. I definitely want to continue doing it. I hope I’ll get the chance to meet even more people and create memories.

I don’t know where do I want to get with blogging. It’s a hobby that takes a lot of time. I hope it will offer me opportunities I wouldn’t get otherwise. I hope I’ll get better and help spreading positivity and joy among people. That I will make someones day even for just a second.

So yeah. I’ve posted my first ever post 3 years ago. I made a new site a year ago. What about you ? Do you have a blog ? What’s your story behind it ?

Tell me in the comments !