Dear, me !

You are probably reading this one year later. You may find it weird but 2017 just began now. I’m having quite a good feeling about it at the moment. I hope it really was great !

I don’t know what happened to you. Congratulations on everything that you achieved this year. If something bad happened, you will get trough it. Everything will be okay. Trust me, I know. We’ve been trough rough times before.

I hope you’ve traveled a lot and met many people. I’d like you to remember me by how stupid I was and how I didn’t know all those stories were about to happen. The ones that you’re telling your friends about.

Oh, friends ! Did you meet any ? Can’t wait to meet them all. Are there any blogger friends you met in person ? Uh, you got me excited. Imagine that to happen ! Anyways, I hope you still know who was there for you all this time. That friend that supports you with your blog and you always have fun with ? Yeah, don’t forget her. Call her right now and thank her. I mean it.

You’re probably friends with everyone as you always were. I hope you learned a way on how to avoid that negative people in your life without hard feelings. No matter what happened and what you did, I trust you. Even if you got in a fight with somebody, you probably had a reason for it. And I know you don’t fight so it must be big if you did.

I hope you’re still blogging. I love it and get so excited when I post things. I hope you still feel the same. Please don’t quit. I know it’s hard to find time to do everything that you want, but don’t stop blogging. Even if you quit start again. Take a break and start again. Just a few months ago I had no comments, readers – nothing ! I didn’t even know about the Twitter chats. About that … how are the GRLPOWR girls ? Let them know, I say hi and hope they had a great year ! What I meant was, look where I was and now Iย reached 50 followers on blog, 100 likes, etc. ?! Oh, remember that those are just numbers and don’t mean anything. My point was – you have readers ! You reached something you thought was impossible.

Omg ! You turned 17 this year ! How was it ?! And omg again you’re in 3rd grade of high school. This is the last one before matura exam, you do realize that, right ? Good luck, girl ! I know you’re smiling and thinking to yourself : ” Look where I was just a year ago ! ”

Are you still dancing ? You used to love it. Not that long ago I had a performance at the end of the year. Do you remember ? You got a lot of compliments on that. Everybody seemed to love it. Dance makes me smile and makes me forget about life for a bit. Even if you don’t dance anymore, I hope you at least do it in your free time for fun.

How’s family? Are there any new members ? Wait. Do YOU have a boyfriend ? Oh, dear. I don’t know what to say. If you do, does your dog like him ? If he does it’s okay, if not well think about it twice. Your dog is a great psychological machine. If he doesn’t like someone than there must be something wrong. Why am I even telling you this ? You know that already. Oh, congrats if you do have one tho. If not, it’s okay. We are in this together.

I remembered one more thing about blogging. Did you tell people about it ? Like, did you share it on your personal accounts or something like that ? Just a few people know about it now. Family and some friends. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and I don’t know why I haven’t yet. I don’t know why I’m scared. If people will talk behind your back, let them. You had the guts to do it, and you did something special. And you got some positive feedback and you know there are people who actually like your blog. At least you’ll know who supports you in that kind of stuff and who will make fun of you. I kind of motivated myself to do it now, but I think I’ll need some more time.

And now, you. There’s nothing wrong if you’ve changed. It’s normal. I just hope you’re still happy, positive person who laughs and tries to make other people laugh all the time. I like my personality (hope that doesn’t sound selfish). Just be you, okay ?

No matter what happened remember the good times. Things we’ve been trough and every experience that you got. Keep being optimistic and thankful for your life. Enjoy every moment of it ! Little things in life matter the most.

I really hopeย 2017 was amazing for you. Here’s to 2018 !
Lots of love