And the last Blogmas post *cries*. I want to end it up positively so I made a list of things I love about it.

  1. the atmosphere / holiday spirit
  2. spending time with family
  3. singing & listening the Christmas carols
  4. baking / eating cookies
  5. smell of the house in the Christmas time
  6. shopping & wrapping the presents
  7. the excitement
  8. the look of untouched snow
  9. watching it snow from the inside
  10. playing in snow
  11. drinking hot chocolate
  12. food
  13. getting comfy under a blanket
  14. decorating the Christmas tree
  15. decorations, ornaments in general
  16. how people become nice and happy
  17. wearing sweaters
  18. finding a perfect gift for someone
  19. opening the presents
  20. writing letters to Santa – as a kid
  21. getting / sending Christmas cards
  22. watching Christmas movies
  23. candles
  24. Christmas lights
  25. watching people’s reactions when they open their gifts


What are you even doing over here ? Go out, it’s Christmas ! ( I love you and I’m very thankful that you are here but seriously go now). I hope you are having a great day ! Make it as amazing as you can !