1. Listen to some Christmas songs.
  2. Watch a Christmas movie with your loved ones.
  3. Give people presents.
  4. Thank others for presents.
  5. Go for an evening walk with your family.
  6. Drink cocoa.
  7. Play in the snow.
  8. Go to the church.
  9. Count your blessings.
  10. Have dinner together.
  11. Spend as much time with family as possible.
  12. Light up candles.
  13. Sing.
  14. Spread joy.
  15. Call a friend to wish him/her Merry Christmas.
  16. Eat candy.
  17. Get cozy under a blanket.
  18. Wear fluffy socks.
  19. Visit your relatives.
  20. Light up the lights on a Christmas tree.
  21. Be happy.
  22. Enjoy the moment of seeing happiness on people’s faces.
  23. Create memories.


Leave your ideas below and let me know what you will be doing on a Christmas day.