I know how hard it can be, to pick gifts for your family and friends. There’s always at least one person you don’t know what to get. And you don’t want to buy them mugs. I tried to be creative for this blog post, but I’m kind of out of ideas as well. But hey, maybe something inspires you !

  1. A book
    Book can be a great gift. Share your favourite or something you know they’ll like. It can be a classic, comedy, autobiography, etc. Or maybe buy them a book of recipes or quotes.
  2. A journal
    If person you’re picking gift for likes to write or owns a blog he/she’ll love this. Simple plain notebook can be enough. You can also get them the ones with activities. Such as Wreck this journal or the ones with questions that the person answers every day.
  3. A scrapbook
    This can be a great gift for people who like sharing their memories and looking trough old photo albums. You can either buy them one so they’ll have to fill it in or make one and give it away. Imagine looking trough pictures capturing your favourite memories together. I’d love that !
  4. A jar
    No, not pickles. Not even marmalade. But little notes. Fill in the jar with notes of different colour. For example: white ones are quotes, yelow-everyday motivation, green-your favourite memories together, red-reasons why you love this person, etc. You can pick just one “category” and make a jar full of those.
  5. Gift cards
    You can’t go wrong with gift cards. Knowing just a bit about their shopping habits is enough.
  6. Clothes
    As a kid I was quite disappointed if I got clothes. I wanted toys. But now it all changed. Socks ? Thank you ! I don’t know where they went the ones you gave me last year.
  7. Room decor
    Why not ? Everybody likes having nice, tidy home with beautiful design.
  8. A movie
    The one you both love / first saw together. Or some that you know they’re obsessed with or would like to see.
  9. A Polaroid camera
    This one is the most expensive of them all. But just imagine capturing the opening of all of those great Christmas gifts !