Have you decorated your room yet ? If not, I hope it’s because you ran out of ideas. If so, keep reading. If not, go decorate your room. I hope you get the sarcasm. Maybe I should stop being funny. Okay, let’s just start this blog post.

Wooden star

You will need :
wooden sticks


Place the wooden sticks in a shape of a star. Tie up every “corner” of the star using the wool. You can tie it up however you want. This is how I did mine : twxz6996

I’ve repeated these steps many times so it really sticks together. And there you have it ! You can hang the star on your wall, door, etc. dozy0588

Toothpick stars

This one is very similar to the previous one.

You will need:

Instead of tying up the edges, glue them. Like so :cgmc6649

And there you have it. You can put them on a string and hang them on your wall, use them as an ornament, place them on a gift, etc.img_1731


You will need:

Okay, this one is the most random DIY ever but it turned out cute, so why not. I just glued three cones together and they kind of remind me of Christmas tress. Maybe I should put a little star on top of each one.

I used glue gun to stick them together. I put just glue on one to make it look like little rain drops. It turned out so adorable ! It reflects colours and it’s just great. img_2293img_2294

Joy sign

You will need :
cardboard letters

I actually did the letters myself using old shoe boxes. You can buy these letters everywhere and they don’t cost a lot. I think bought ones are made out of wood, but I’m not sure.img_2152

Anyways, all you have to do is wrap the letters in fabric. Try to find a way on how to do it ( wow what a great tutorial). Honestly, I have no idea how I did it myself. I just glued everything together and it came out the way it did. img_2288I didn’t expect it would look so pretty. I’m actually quite proud of myself.

This is how it looks all together.


Let me know which one you like best in the comments !