December 2016

Bye, 2016

2016 is gone. I don’t know how I feel about it. Some really amazing things happened and some not so great ones as well. I like remembering the nice ones, so I will only list best things that happened to me, that I can remember and things I learned mean while.

Family & friends

This may sound stupid, but I realized who I can trust. I realized who my real friends are. It’s funny how I knew this things all along but never really noticed it or thought about it.

My family is simply the best and I love the relationship we have built over the past years. They are the ones I can trust, who love me and support me in good and bad.

It’s not that I didn’t know that before, but I started to appreciate it more.

And when it comes to friends… There is still as many of them as there was before. I haven’t excluded anybody. I just realized who are the ones that support me and ones that call me just when they need something.

Oh, can’t forget about all of the amazing people I met this year, including some blogger friends over the internet.


I visited some awesome places this year. I’ve been to Amsterdam, Graz … I even went to mountains here, in Slovenia. Absolutely amazing !

My posts about Netherlands : 1 , 2 , 3

and Graz.


It’s been such a great year when it comes to this blog. So many amazing things happened that I’m afraid I’ll forget to name them all.

First of all, I found out about Twitter chats. I had no idea they exist.

I became part of one, called GRLPOWR (read about it here ). I met some amazing girls that became very good friends of mine. It’s like I know them for ages. And our relationship is probably better than with half of the people I really do know for ages.

Becoming part of this little blogging community was one of the best things that happened to me. I hosted my very first chats, etc.

I met and talked to so many bloggers. I know people from all over the world and it’s just insane.

I just reached 500 followers in just a few months, starting off with 10. Not saying that numbers matter, because they don’t, but it was such a huge change for my blog.

I got my first ever blog comments and followers. That inspired me so much. They / you are all so nice, I can’t believe this is actually happening. I’m so thankful. I can’t even express it with words.

This motivates me so much and I starter taking blogging seriously. I always try my best and it’s great getting some feedback and compliments.

I did my first giveaway! Winner just got the package yesterday. I can’t believe everything actually went fine and they didn’t lose it.

I can go on with this list, but I’d rather just thank you one more time. THANK YOU !

I actually have readers now ! What ?!


I’m a year older. Turned 16. As I said before, I realized what kind of people I like, got some experiences and learned a bit more about life.

2016 ? Quite amazing and full of surprises. I’m ready for new challenges, stories to tell and posts to write. I can’t wait what 2017 will bring. So, bye, 2016 !



25 things I love about Christmas


And the last Blogmas post *cries*. I want to end it up positively so I made a list of things I love about it.

  1. the atmosphere / holiday spirit
  2. spending time with family
  3. singing & listening the Christmas carols
  4. baking / eating cookies
  5. smell of the house in the Christmas time
  6. shopping & wrapping the presents
  7. the excitement
  8. the look of untouched snow
  9. watching it snow from the inside
  10. playing in snow
  11. drinking hot chocolate
  12. food
  13. getting comfy under a blanket
  14. decorating the Christmas tree
  15. decorations, ornaments in general
  16. how people become nice and happy
  17. wearing sweaters
  18. finding a perfect gift for someone
  19. opening the presents
  20. writing letters to Santa – as a kid
  21. getting / sending Christmas cards
  22. watching Christmas movies
  23. candles
  24. Christmas lights
  25. watching people’s reactions when they open their gifts


What are you even doing over here ? Go out, it’s Christmas ! ( I love you and I’m very thankful that you are here but seriously go now). I hope you are having a great day ! Make it as amazing as you can !




24 words that remind me of Christmas

I know this is a very random post but I had to came up with 25 blog post ideas so you can forgive me. snow



23 things to do on a Christmas day

  1. Listen to some Christmas songs.
  2. Watch a Christmas movie with your loved ones.
  3. Give people presents.
  4. Thank others for presents.
  5. Go for an evening walk with your family.
  6. Drink cocoa.
  7. Play in the snow.
  8. Go to the church.
  9. Count your blessings.
  10. Have dinner together.
  11. Spend as much time with family as possible.
  12. Light up candles.
  13. Sing.
  14. Spread joy.
  15. Call a friend to wish him/her Merry Christmas.
  16. Eat candy.
  17. Get cozy under a blanket.
  18. Wear fluffy socks.
  19. Visit your relatives.
  20. Light up the lights on a Christmas tree.
  21. Be happy.
  22. Enjoy the moment of seeing happiness on people’s faces.
  23. Create memories.


Leave your ideas below and let me know what you will be doing on a Christmas day.



22nd day of Blogmas : Giveaway winner

To be completely honest I ran out of ideas for another blog post. I also chose this day to announce my first giveaway winner.As it was my first one, it deserves a separate post, right ?

You can read more about it here .

The winner is Kimberley Jessica . Thank you so much to everyone who took  a part in it. I’d like to give a present to single one of you, but I can’t.

Guys, I did my first giveaway and just announced the first winner. The excitement is real !



21 thoughts on rewatching a Christmas cartoon

I found an old Christmas cartoon yesterday. I remember liking it a lot so I woke that inner child in me and watched it again. Many different thoughts came through my mind and I wrote them down. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

The title of the cartoon is ‘We wish you a merry christmas’ and it talks about how christmas carol was made. It’s an old cartoon. I don’t know where I got it from. I’ll try to find an English version online and link it to you. 

Let me tell you what it’s all about so it would be easier to imagine what I’m talking about. Story begins with a deer telling the story of how a christmas carol was invented. It all beggins in a village called Harmony. There was an orphan home that people brought gifts to every year for Christmas. Once came a little girl and asked her mum why don’t they give presents back. Mum explained to her that they can’t. When children heard that they felt awful. They wanted to give something people in return. They’ve tried many things but nothing worked out. They almost gave up when a nice lady visited them. She ended up being Miss Clause. They eventually found a way. They came up with a christmas carol and then went house to house to sing it. Everybody loved it!

Okay, let’s begin with the thoughts. 

Wow ! A Christmas cartoon ! 

Where can I watch this CD ? 

Oh, okay … please work, please work … YAASS it works ! 

Ohh, I remember that ! And that too ! 

This little girl has the same name as my mum. How cute.

Okay your voice is a bit annoying.

I remember elfs doing that ! 

You little kids are so nice and adorable.

What a great village.

I don’t know if they wanted to present that old man as a strict person, because he’s actually really nice.

I remeber that scene !

Wait. What’s happening? Why did the film stop ? Oh, okay it’s working again…

How cute !

They came up with a song ! How did they do that ? 

Is this the part when they all sing it out together ? 

I really like that way of spreading christmas cheer. I wish it would be more like it in real life as well.

Hearts of those orphans are so big.

Why don’t all people act like those kids ?

I love this cartoon ! So glad I found it ! 

I like it so much when childhood cartoons are still great after rewatching them after so many years.

I have to write about it on blog. 

Link :

So what do you think ? Do you have any favorite childhood cartoons ?

*Not a sponsored post.

20 things I’m thankful for

There are so many things we should be thankful for. We have so many blessings, we don’t even realize. Christmas is a great time to remember all of them and be thankful. Thank your friends and family for being there for you. Thank God or whoever you believe in. Thank yourself for being the way you are.

Here is a list of 20 things I’m thankful for.

  1. family
  2. friends
  3. health
  4. happiness
  5. me being the way I am
  6. education, knowledge
  7. shelter, safety
  8. food, drink
  9. place I’m living in
  10. my dog
  11. things that make me happy
  12. blogging community
  13. experiences
  14. memories
  15. people who do positive things for this world
  16. art & artists (inspirational people)
  17. clothes & shoes I wear
  18. love
  19. my readers
  20. being alive

What are you thankful for ? List a few in the comments !



19 wrapping hacks

I think we all agree that wrapping can be super exciting and fun but also stressful. There are so many gifts to wrap and sometimes you don’t even have all the supplies you need. I hope you find those helpful !

1. If you have many little gifts for someone you can put them in a clear box like this one. Believe it or not it’s actually an empty Ferrero Rocher box ( chocolate ). You can of course wrap it so you can’t see what’s inside.

2. Put a bit of tape on the end of your ribbon. It will keep it in place and prevent it from unrolling.

3. Put your gifts in a mason jar.

4. Use washi tape to decorate a plain wrapping paper.

5. Scrub the ribbon with scissors so it gets curly.

6. Use a colored tape instead of name tags.

7. Use a gift bag instead of the box and tape it so they can’t see the inside.

8. Wrap your gifts in a newspaper.

9. Put some kind of accessories on your gifts instead of good old ribbons.

10. Combine two different patterns to create more interesting look (wow sounds like a fashion advice).

11. Put a hair band on the wrapping paper to stop it from unwrapping.

12. Put things that you can find in nature such as pine cones on the wrap to make it unique.

13. If you don’t have a box, use an old packaging and put things inside. It could also be a great prank. Imagine thinking you got a coffee for Christmas but end up getting a concert ticket hidden inside. 

14. Put beauty items in a makeup bag. Packaging which is also a great gift ? Um, yes !

15. Use wool instead of ribbon.

16. Use fabric instead of paper. (This is not the best example).

17. Make your gifts look like a candy. Especially if they have a round shape.

18. Use a regular paper to wrap. Take a sponge and put it in the paint and then place it all over it.

19. Use a nice shoe box to put your gifts in.

Do you have any hacks ? Leave them in the comments!


18 pictures of December

Beautiful Ljubljana center.

Visit of Christmas market in Graz.

Studying for the tests.

Being sick and drinking tea all the time.

Spreading awareness of AIDS.

Baking cookies.

Started wearing warm clothes.

Reached 100 likes on blog. Thank you so much for that ! You can’t imagine how much it means to me.


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