Recently I’ve been somewhere with my school. It doesn’t matter where at all. We saw various different things and a work of glazier was one of them. Why am I telling you that ? Because there was something about him that grabbed my attention.

You see, he had to show us how he shapes glass and all the things he does out of it. He showed us all kinds of tubes he makes out of it, etc. We were impressed just by the big flame he works with without getting burned.

When he was shaping glass like that. Making it thin, thick, long, short, oval, flat we just stood there with our eyes on him. He then showed us some animals and ornaments he also does. And then he said something that inspired this blog post. He said : “Well, I only do those animals and stuff in my free time.” And he showed us some colored sticks, I can’t remember the name of, that he works with to give his work some colour.

Okay, what’s the point ?

The point is that this man loves his work so much he even does it in his free time. Okay, nothing special. But you should have seen the sparkle in his eyes when we made those “wow” voices and the sparkle when he was showing us things. He had so many of them to show.

I don’t want to be a glazier. I don’t think I’m right for this kind of job. You have to be accurate and I’d probably break everything. To some his work won’t seem anything special. But he gives so much love, passion in his work that it’s just amazing.

He probably isn’t paid a lot, but he still enjoys it. After all those years.

I want to find a job like that. I have no idea what I want to do in my life. I know blogging will be a part of my life. A hobby if nothing else. It would be hard to make it my full-time job and I need to make other plans.

I will soon have to decide which college I’m signing into and I still have no idea. I just hope I will decide right and find a job that will make me feel like the glazier feels about his. How simple and “unimportant” has a person be to inspire others, huh ?

What about you? Do you feel like a glazier in your job or things you’re doing ?