Last two weeks ! Already ?

DAY 22 : I didn’t have a chance to donate to charity yet. I’m planning on giving away the clothes I don’t need anymore. I haven’t been to town yet.

DAY 23 : Making somebody laugh / smile is one of the greatest things you can do. I usually don’t do it intentionally but if somebody laughs at my “joke” it’s just great. I think I have good sense of humor so I don’t find it difficult to make somebody laugh.

DAY 24 : I get a message from my friend who I haven’t seen for a while every now and then and it feels so great to see that they actually still think about you. Have to get in touch more.

DAY 25 : I am planning on posting a list of things I’m thankful for in my Blogmas series, so stay tuned if you’re interested !

DAY 26 : I always like to take time for myself. Just five minutes are enough. I’ve been going for walks a lot lately and I absolutely love it.

DAY 27 : It’s very hard to be hungry when you’re in a school like me. Somebody would always have something to eat and they are more than happy to share it. I share too if you don’t take too much 😉 .

DAY 28 : As I said I’m going for walks all the time and it’s great .

DAY 29 : Being positive for a whole day is harder than it seems. There are so many things that can go wrong. But I was in quite a good mood and some interesting things happened so let’s say I did it.

DAY 30 : I actually am so proud of myself right now. I managed to do all of my school work today and there are many more things that I’m proud of.

You should be proud of yourself too ! Not just because of completing this challenge but because you’re a great human. You did a lot, maybe not even noticing it. You’re my hero. Keep enjoying and doing this little things. You may change someone’s day, maybe even life. Make it better. Keep spreading positivity.

Lots of love