It’s already 3rd week of the challenge ! I hope you haven’t quit yet.

DAY 15 : I’d love to buy little something for myself, but I haven’t been shopping for a while. The last thing I bought was a basic T-shirt with a little pocket on one side.

DAY 16 : Opening somebody the door brought a smile on their face. Yay !

DAY 17 : I was asked to help and offered myself to help on the same day. It was to two different people. I helped them both with chemistry. We had a test so I hope my tutoring helped them.

DAY 18 : Leaving nice comments to bloggers always leads to getting positive / nice replies. So let’s help each other, shall we ?

DAY 19 : I try to speak nicely about people every day. I don’t like talking behind people’s backs.

DAY 20 : I love hugging ! Well, hugging people I know. It became a tradition to hug with my friends whenever we meet or say goodbye. I absolutely love it.

DAY 21 : I haven’t visited my grandparents or other relatives. Simply because I had three tests this week and didn’t really have time to do it. Now, when I’m writing this it seems like the worst excuse ever. I feel quite bad for not taking time to do it. I definetely have to change that soon.

I hope you didn’t give up yet. How did you do the 3rd week ? Let me know in the comments !