If you have no idea what this is all about click here. I also did Week 1 over here.

DAY 8 : I was walking and ran into this random man. Nobody was around and I just wished him good evening politely. He answered the same … Not exactly how I imagined saying hi to a stranger, but okay.

DAY 9 : I am currently not in a fight with anybody so I couldn’t really do that challenge.

DAY 10 : My original plan was to buy my mum flowers and surprise her without a reason. I somehow didn’t manage to do that. But we did buy some flowers for the graveyard so that must count as well.

DAY 11 : I had my dance lessons today and talked with some sweethearts on Twitter. Both made me very happy.

DAY 12 : I do not tell them how appreciated they are enough. They agreed and said it back to me. Family is so important. Don’t take it for granted.

DAY 13 : I wish someone a great day almost every time I say goodbye. And I also tweet it sometimes, so I hope somebody took it as a happy note and smiled.

DAY 14 : I made lunch today, but that wasn’t a huge surprise because I do it almost all the time if I get home first. They were still happy about it.