First week of the Spreading positivity challenge is over ! Don’t worry if you haven’t started yet, you can join in whenever you want. You don’t even have to do everything from the list. Maybe pick a few and try to do them by the end of the month.

So this is how it went …

DAY 1 : It was quite difficult to take a deep breath for me because I was sick. I couldn’t breathe trough my nose, so let’s say I did it halfway. At least I could smile !

DAY 2: I didn’t know how writing a list of things I like about myself would end up. But I did it quite well. I named a few things and it warmed my heart when reading them again. I’ll save that piece of paper for whenever I’ll feel down or insecure.

DAY 3 : Writing things I like about my friend was a bit easier. I sent her the list and she was really happy about it. She thanked me and gave it all back to me. I love her so much and I realized I should tell her that more often, not just when doing some challenge.

DAY 4 : I invited a friend of mine a few days after that on a drink. It was so nice to tell each other things and hang out. I need to do that more often as well !

DAY 5 : Complimenting someone brought smile to their face. It brought it on mine too. And I got a compliment back. Double win !

DAY 6: I don’t mind doing favours for people. Except if they’re using me for their own good. But that didn’t happen, so yay, I helped somebody !

DAY 7 : I thought looking at myself in the mirror and saying some words won’t do much, but let me tell you something. Take some time every now and then. You only need like a minute to do it. Tell yourself all of that positive things you’ve written on DAY 2. I don’t know why but it made me feel better. I kind of appreciate myself now. Do it. Don’t even think about it. It’s important to look into your eyes and think positive. Don’t forget to thank yourself and smile !

This is how my first week went. How about yours? Tell me in the comments !