October 2016

#SpreadingPositivityChallenge: Week 4 & 5

Last two weeks ! Already ?

DAY 22 : I didn’t have a chance to donate to charity yet. I’m planning on giving away the clothes I don’t need anymore. I haven’t been to town yet.

DAY 23 : Making somebody laugh / smile is one of the greatest things you can do. I usually don’t do it intentionally but if somebody laughs at my “joke” it’s just great. I think I have good sense of humor so I don’t find it difficult to make somebody laugh.

DAY 24 : I get a message from my friend who I haven’t seen for a while every now and then and it feels so great to see that they actually still think about you. Have to get in touch more.

DAY 25 : I am planning on posting a list of things I’m thankful for in my Blogmas series, so stay tuned if you’re interested !

DAY 26 : I always like to take time for myself. Just five minutes are enough. I’ve been going for walks a lot lately and I absolutely love it.

DAY 27 : It’s very hard to be hungry when you’re in a school like me. Somebody would always have something to eat and they are more than happy to share it. I share too if you don’t take too much 😉 .

DAY 28 : As I said I’m going for walks all the time and it’s great .

DAY 29 : Being positive for a whole day is harder than it seems. There are so many things that can go wrong. But I was in quite a good mood and some interesting things happened so let’s say I did it.

DAY 30 : I actually am so proud of myself right now. I managed to do all of my school work today and there are many more things that I’m proud of.

You should be proud of yourself too ! Not just because of completing this challenge but because you’re a great human. You did a lot, maybe not even noticing it. You’re my hero. Keep enjoying and doing this little things. You may change someone’s day, maybe even life. Make it better. Keep spreading positivity.

Lots of love



#SpreadingPositivityChallenge : Week 3

It’s already 3rd week of the challenge ! I hope you haven’t quit yet.

DAY 15 : I’d love to buy little something for myself, but I haven’t been shopping for a while. The last thing I bought was a basic T-shirt with a little pocket on one side.

DAY 16 : Opening somebody the door brought a smile on their face. Yay !

DAY 17 : I was asked to help and offered myself to help on the same day. It was to two different people. I helped them both with chemistry. We had a test so I hope my tutoring helped them.

DAY 18 : Leaving nice comments to bloggers always leads to getting positive / nice replies. So let’s help each other, shall we ?

DAY 19 : I try to speak nicely about people every day. I don’t like talking behind people’s backs.

DAY 20 : I love hugging ! Well, hugging people I know. It became a tradition to hug with my friends whenever we meet or say goodbye. I absolutely love it.

DAY 21 : I haven’t visited my grandparents or other relatives. Simply because I had three tests this week and didn’t really have time to do it. Now, when I’m writing this it seems like the worst excuse ever. I feel quite bad for not taking time to do it. I definetely have to change that soon.

I hope you didn’t give up yet. How did you do the 3rd week ? Let me know in the comments !


#SpreadingPositivityChallenge : Week 2

If you have no idea what this is all about click here. I also did Week 1 over here.

DAY 8 : I was walking and ran into this random man. Nobody was around and I just wished him good evening politely. He answered the same … Not exactly how I imagined saying hi to a stranger, but okay.

DAY 9 : I am currently not in a fight with anybody so I couldn’t really do that challenge.

DAY 10 : My original plan was to buy my mum flowers and surprise her without a reason. I somehow didn’t manage to do that. But we did buy some flowers for the graveyard so that must count as well.

DAY 11 : I had my dance lessons today and talked with some sweethearts on Twitter. Both made me very happy.

DAY 12 : I do not tell them how appreciated they are enough. They agreed and said it back to me. Family is so important. Don’t take it for granted.

DAY 13 : I wish someone a great day almost every time I say goodbye. And I also tweet it sometimes, so I hope somebody took it as a happy note and smiled.

DAY 14 : I made lunch today, but that wasn’t a huge surprise because I do it almost all the time if I get home first. They were still happy about it.


The liebster award

I was recently nominated by Eloise Mae to do the Liebster award.

If you are nominated, these are the rules that you must follow:
1.) Post 11 facts about yourself.
2.) Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you.
3.) Nominate 11 other bloggers.
4.) Ask them 11 questions.
5.) Let them know that you have nominated them.

Image result for the liebster award


1.) I have brown eyes.
2.) My zodiac sign is cancer.
3.) I worry too much ( sometimes about the smallest, unimportant things).
4.) I have a habit of biting my lips (which I hate, especially during the cold months when they’re cracked either way).
5.) I’m afraid of snakes and spiders.
6.) My birthday is on 5th July.
7.) I can cook & bake.
8.) I try to see good in people ( I don’t ignore the bad but I try to focus on good more)
9.) I don’t hate anyone and I think I never did ( there are people who annoy me, but I don’t hate them).
10.) I get excited quickly.
11.) I love going for a walk in the nature and meeting my friends.



1.) What is your favourite flower?
I’ve never really thought about it. They are all so unique and beautiful it’s hard to chose one. Maybe rose.
2.) If you were to dye your hair what colour would you go for?
I like my natural – brown color. I’d probably get a different shade of it.
3.) Nail art or plain block colour?
Depends on my mood and situation I’m in.
4.) Is there a song you put on to motivate / cheer yourself up?
My current favourite is Closer by The Chainsmokers.
5.) Favourite kind of sandwich?
We only have sandwiches for our school lunch so they became disgusting to me. But otherwise I’d say basic ham and cheese one.
6.) Do you have a  quote / song lyric you absolutely love?
So many of them ! I really like the “Collect moments, not things”.
7.) If you could spend a day with your favourite fictional character what would you do?
Am..Take them somewhere nice and talk about everything that happened to them, ask them questions.
8.) Sunny days or rainy ones?
Both ! Depends on the season and my mood. I love sunny days when I can get out and enjoy, but also cover myself with a blanket with a book/movie on rainy ones.
9.) Christmas chocolate or Easter eggs?
I’d say Christmas chocolate.
10.) If you could do anything at all for the next year, what would it be?
Travel as much as possible and also meet the GRLPOWR girls :).
11.) What was/is your favourite school subject?
Probably English and Psihology.


1.) Ana
2.) Souhaila
3.) Kirsty
4.) Aisha
5.) Mekeke
6.) Ell Rachel
7.) Sarah
8.) Larice
9.) Sarah
10.) Rachel
11.) Lisa


1.) What do you like to do in your free time ?
2.) What language do you want to learn ?
3.) What do you think about your name ? Do you like it ?
4.) Dogs or cats ?
5.) Where would you like to travel ?
6.) What makes you smile ?
7.) What is your biggest dream at the moment ?
8.) What made you laugh today ?
9.) What do you say during awkward silences ?
10.) Did anything happen that you wouldn’t believe if someone mentioned it to you two months ago ?
11.) What’s your favourite song ?

Can’t wait to see your posts ! Tag me (@nushablog) so I can see them 🙂


#SpreadingPositivityChallenge : Week 1

First week of the Spreading positivity challenge is over ! Don’t worry if you haven’t started yet, you can join in whenever you want. You don’t even have to do everything from the list. Maybe pick a few and try to do them by the end of the month.

So this is how it went …

DAY 1 : It was quite difficult to take a deep breath for me because I was sick. I couldn’t breathe trough my nose, so let’s say I did it halfway. At least I could smile !

DAY 2: I didn’t know how writing a list of things I like about myself would end up. But I did it quite well. I named a few things and it warmed my heart when reading them again. I’ll save that piece of paper for whenever I’ll feel down or insecure.

DAY 3 : Writing things I like about my friend was a bit easier. I sent her the list and she was really happy about it. She thanked me and gave it all back to me. I love her so much and I realized I should tell her that more often, not just when doing some challenge.

DAY 4 : I invited a friend of mine a few days after that on a drink. It was so nice to tell each other things and hang out. I need to do that more often as well !

DAY 5 : Complimenting someone brought smile to their face. It brought it on mine too. And I got a compliment back. Double win !

DAY 6: I don’t mind doing favours for people. Except if they’re using me for their own good. But that didn’t happen, so yay, I helped somebody !

DAY 7 : I thought looking at myself in the mirror and saying some words won’t do much, but let me tell you something. Take some time every now and then. You only need like a minute to do it. Tell yourself all of that positive things you’ve written on DAY 2. I don’t know why but it made me feel better. I kind of appreciate myself now. Do it. Don’t even think about it. It’s important to look into your eyes and think positive. Don’t forget to thank yourself and smile !

This is how my first week went. How about yours? Tell me in the comments !



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