It was a normal day at school. Our last class was about to begin. After discussing a few things teacher asked us to play a little game. She gave us all a small piece of paper. We weren’t allowed to look what was written on it until everyone got it. We then turned them around and each read the note by himself not telling anyone about it.

It was a negative comment written on. Mine said that I always talk about boring stuff. Then we got the second note with the same process. Next one was a positive note. Mine said that I’m a good listener and I’m good at giving advises.

You should know that nobody knew what was written on there. Teacher asked us about our feelings for the both of notes. First one kind of hurt us, but the second one made us happy. Even if none of it was true because there were just some random negative and positive things written on, our feelings were about the same. Okay some didn’t care what the negative one said about them. But some got like : you have a bad haircut which wasn’t that awful.

Then teacher asked us if we think that people are treating us the way we treat them. We talked about it for a bit.

After that we grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil. She asked us to think of at least nine people who made/make us angry. To imagine what do we say or think about them when we’re angry. Thinking of our friends, family, people at the bus station, in the grocery store, etc.

We had to color a bit for each of them. The angrier we were the harder we should press and ticker lines we should make with our pencils.

Once we were finished she asked us to take a rubber and turn our paper as it was before. Plain white. No matter how hard you were trying to erase it you couldn’t remove it all. There was a trace left.

She told us that no matter what we do, even in just our mind. And no matter how many times we apologize to people, it will stay there. Sure, it will fade away but it will never be completely erased. It got us thinking.

Then the last things we did was separate ourselves in groups of four. Each member had to write two positive things about everyone else in the group. And then we had to tell each of our group members that. Separately. So nobody really heard except for you two. It made us all smile. If we took a picture of us before class and at the end of it we would notice a difference for sure.

It was quite a good challenge. It made us think and somehow brighten up our day. Now, I challenge you to do this with your friends, family. Don’t tell them what it’s all about just do it.

It’s a great way of realizing the power of words and making connections between people. We don’t know how to communicate anyways. It’s great to really tell people what you like about them without pretending. Also make sure you make random groups of people. It can be nice to be in a group with your best friend but other people deserve your nice words too. If nothing else it at least teaches you to find something good in a person no matter who he/she is.

Let’s spread that positivity, people!

If you decide to do it, let me know how it went in the comments !