I came across four-leaf clover the other day. I found a few actually. It got me thinking. First association people get when finding it is luck. It’s a random flower that represents luck to people. After considering it I found out they are actually quite similar.img_0783

So let’s imagine that clover really is luck.

Some people find it behind every corner.
Some give up that they will ever found one again.
To some people it means nothing. They reject it.
Some people share it, give it to others.
Some people remember it. It becomes a part of their memories.img_0784
Some people take advantage of it.
Some are trying so hard to find it that they don’t notice anything else surrounding them.
Some people don’t have to go anywhere and they find it.
Some people go pass it and they don’t notice it. Maybe because of having a bad day.
Some are so special that they find five-leaf one.img_0787
Some people trample it. Like they want to destroy it. But maybe they aren’t aware of what they’re doing.
Some people believe that it brings them luck. Just faith itself makes them happier.
Some people think it’s made up, something that probably someone uses to make profit.

People find it in different places. At friends house, in the home garden, next to dance school … there is probably one for everybody in this world. It is difficult to find. The ones that are bad at it or fail doing it can be helped by us. We can give ours, because we already found it.

I realized that when you find one you suddenly see so many of them. One after another. Like you were blind all this time and now there’s so many of them that you can’t carry them. You start to observe. See stuff that you haven’t before. How you suddenly start to appreciate even three-leaf clovers or injured ones and all of the other flowers around it.

When you suddenly don’t need a four-leaf one. Because you already found so many that you leave them for the next one that will go by. And all you do is hope that he/she’ll notice them.