You know when teacher says to read a text and mark everything important ? And then you finish up marking everything ? Yeah, that doesn’t do much. It’s just harder to learn, because everything is so yellow.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not an expert when it comes to highlighting the text or color marking notes. I do it as I feel like (but am still somehow writing this post).

Now, grab your book, notebook, markers. Let’s begin.

Okay, there are two different ways of using text markers for me. I use them when I mark something in the text (obviously) and when I make notes. The difference is that in the first option I just color the words and in the second I have to write them first. I know I sound stupid, but I’m trying to help.

When you do text marking it is important to read. Carefully. Several times. You don’t have to read the whole book before you start highlighting. Read it by paragraphs.

Don’t use color when you’re reading it for the first time. Everything will seem important. Use it when you’ll be reading it for the second or third time so you know what you’re even reading about.

Mark just a few words. Important ones. The ones that are mentioned frequently. Use different colors. One for definitions, second for acronyms, etc. It’s up to you. You can also underline something and so on, so you have it a bit organised.

For example: You highlight important things, you underline  things/words you don’t understand, you make signs such as exclamation point ( ! ) next to things you have to read again or are very important to remember …

Don’t ask me how to know what’s important in text. I don’t know. Your teacher might give you something completely different in the test. Trust your feeling. What have you been talking about in school ? Mark it. But remember: mark key words. Not sentences. Imagine reading it afterwards. Color will grab your attention and it will be easier for you to remember them. Because they will pop out. If you mark the key words you’ll remember what text was about and you won’t even need all of that information around it. It will be enough if you read and learn just the key words.

Trust me, you do not want to learn every sentence when there’s a lot to study. You’re just wasting time like that. With marking AND studying. If there is something you don’t know how to mark, because everything is important and explained in a way a few words can’t, just circle it. The whole paragraph. That way it won’t look that messy. When you’ll get trough the key words remember you have to read that again.


It’s quite similar when it comes to notes. Use different colors for different things. One for titles, second for pages where you find each topic, third for definitions … It’s all about key words here too. But instead of marking them, you write them and then mark them if you want. I know people who study from completely blue notes. Everything is blue, even title. Boring and quite impossible to learn for me, but it works for them. So using color isn’t a must, but it might help ! As marking sentences, you do not want to write everything down here as well. Imagine you have 60 pages to study from. You’ll thank me.

Basically key words are important. You are learning from them. If you know what each of the key words mean and how is it connected to the other ones, you’re basically done.

This is my strategy. I know everyone has their own. Feel free to comment yours down in the comments !

(I also know I’m bad at explaining things, but I hope I helped even just a little bit.)