School season is coming up to fast.  I feel like I finally passed all the tests, but will have to start studying again. I like writing study tips much better than actually doing them. I came up with a few that may help some of you. I know you will be reading them instead of studying at some point. But don’t worry, I’m the same.

Ask for help.                                         

Be patient.

Clean your workspace.

Don’t give up.

Encourage yourself.

Find a method that works best for you.

Get somewhere quiet.

Hours spent studying don’t matter (some must study days to know things, but for some is enough if they listen).
It may help you if you do exercises.

Join your friends when studying.

Keep trying if you fail.

Learn with your brain (ask yourself why, don’t just memorize stuff)

Make notes.

Not liking your book? Try another author with the same content.

One source of information may not be enough. 

Put away electronics and other distractions.

Quality reading is important.

Read carefully.

Stop procrastinating.

Take a break.

Use color (markers etc.).

Very similar subjects such as math and physics are not recommended to learn after one another.

Watch documentaries about the theme you are learning about. There are also many great videos on YouTube.

X – mark everything you need to get trough again.

You can try taping yourself and studying by listening your own voice. You can do that on the go instead of listening to music.

Zzz – get enough sleep.

Of course there are many different subjects and each of them can be learned differently. I can’t tell you exactly how to study, because everyone does it in its own way. All I can do is to wish you : Good luck !