July 2016

10 things to do on a long car ride

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Driving in the car and looking trough the window can be fun. But, even if you see amazing stuff, you just can’t do it all the time. Not on a long car rides. Everything looks the same afer a while or you just don’t have anything to see (if you’re on a highway for example ). You’re stuck on that car seat, so there’s not a lot to do. No wi-fi, nothing. Just you and the car. You’re bored.

I know exactly how you feel, because this post was written (believe me or not) while driving. I posted it when I came to my destination and as soon as I got an internet connection.

Here we go.

10 things to do on a long car ride

We’re always complaining about not getting enough sleep, so why not doing it on road. Time will move faster even if you fall asleep just for one hour.

Take a book or a magazine with you and try to read it on road. I can’t do that, because I get sick, but maybe you can develop a method that will work for you.

If there’s a brother, sister, cousin, friend, etc. next to you,¬†ask them to play something with you. Or maybe even your parents would like that. Try games like Dump / Marry / Date, Name a country..or you could just finish each others sentences and build a story. Definitely better than playing Candy Crush on your own on your phone.

You can sing if you’d like or maybe there’s a song that everyone in the car likes so you can sing together. Or maybe try to make a choreography in your mind.

I know you’ve done it before. Time can pass very quick if you get into it. Just imagine what would your future look like or how are you going to spend your holidays. Turn on some imagination ! Thinking about beautiful moments in the past can help too.

I’m sure at least one person in the car has an interesting story to tell. Share your experiences, maybe dreams…You can also have more serious conversations¬†like what do you think about certain things, politics …

Make a list of things you want to do/see wherever you’re going to. You can keep it really simple. Going for an ice cream can be a good beginning !

Change background, delete embarrassing pictures, delete apps that you don’t use anymore…

Pictures of road or just a few random selfies…you never know. Maybe you get some really nice ones.

10. PLAN
If you have a blog you can write posts or plan them. Just like I did with this one. Or maybe plan videos if you have a YouTube channel.

I hope this helped !



How to get up with a smile on your face

Mornings. They are like Mondays. Nobody really likes them, but have to live with them. If you’re not a morning person, waking up early can be really annoying. If you begin your day badly, there’s a possibility that you’ll spend the rest of your day badly and in a bad mood. To avoid that as much as possible, I came up with some tips to help you get up with a smile on your face.DSC_0036[1]

    It can be your mum or your clock. You’ll hate it either way, because that’s who/what wakes you up from your sweet dreams. Ask your mum or the person that wakes you up to come to your room quietly and that they try to slowly wake you up. Do the same thing with the alarm clock. Set it to a nice vibe so it won’t get on your nerves. For example your favourite song, that you’ll wake up happy to hear it. (Warning: you may fall asleep just listening to it again or you may start to hate it, because you’ve heard it to many times.) Try to use some birds singing sound or something like that. You can try to set more alarm clocks if you don’t get up so easily, but it’s all in your head. You have to decide to get up and just do it. Don’t over think it.
    Once you wake up you have to remind yourself that you’re blessed with another day and you’re going to get as much of it as you can. A good way to remind yourself is some room decor. Put some pictures, inspirational signs ( such as Today is going to be a great day), etc. on your wall, besides your bed. Put flowers next to you. Invest in or DIY some bright pillows, bedding to set you up in a good mood. You can also put some lavender bags in you pillow. That has a calming a relaxing effect and it will also help you fall asleep the night before.


    Prepare the things you’ll need a day before. That way you won’t be in a hurry the next morning and you’ll have one thing less to worry about.DSC_0082[1]
    If you get enough sleep you’ll automatically feel better, so try to change your sleeping habits a little bit.

I hope this helped in any way !

Bad day

It’s one of those days when everything goes wrong. I’m quite a positive person, but on the days like that I simply can’t be. I get annoyed by everything, even by myself and I can’t help it.

I don’t even have a reason to be in a bad mood, I just am. I get over emotional by little things. If the movie didn’t end as I expected, if something ruins my plan, if someone just walks oddly … everything seems so annoying. I know that I’m annoyed and I hate that. I try to keep my mind away from it or convince myself I’m just having a bad day. But why is it a bad day really? It’s all in my head. I only see bad things that happen to me that day. Why ? Because I got up with my left foot?

Why do we have “good” and “bad” days? It’s basically our decision. So why don’t we decide everyday it will be a good day ? Why do we do that to ourselves? I really don’t understand why we have days when just “bad” things happen to us.

I was making dinner and I made a huge mess. Everything that I touched fell on the floor. Oil was splashing around and on me. I hit myself in nearly every object that I went past. I burned myself with boiling water the next day. I probably have the second degree burn and will have a scar reminding me of that. I just don’t get it. Is something happening in our brains depending what kind of day will we have ? How can I be happy sometimes, even though nothing “great” happened to me that day ? Maybe so many good things happen during our bad days. Even more than during the good ones. But we don’t see that. Just because of mood. Because we convince ourselves that we have a bad day.

Nobody likes bad days, but everybody has good ones too. You don’t even know about the good days until something bad happens to you. But no matter how bad and wrong everything goes, remember: It’s a bad day, not a bad life. And you will get trough it. And you will laugh at yourself in a few days how stupid you were. Head up and smile. You can do this !


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