28th April 2016

We were eating our breakfast at 7.00 a.m. About an hour later we were driving to Keukenhof. That’s a park with lots of tulips and other flowers. Netherlands is  known for selling and growing tulips, even tho they were brought there from Asia, so tulips aren’t their autochthonous flowers.

The weather was cloudy and it started to rain every now and then. We had this kind of weather all the time and were freezing, because of the wind as well. We received news that it was even snowing in Slovenia, while we were gone. Snow in spring ? Nooo, I want summer now. But it was all gone when I came back.

So, there we got the chance to admire the flowers and had a nice walk. After that, we drove to Zaanse Schans where they have windmills, clog “factory” and cheese dairy. We’ve been showed how they used to make clogs, that they wore all the time and we could see some old samples of them. They also described us how they make cheese and we could try each of them in a near shop, where you could also buy it. They had red and green pesto, smoked cheese, coconut cheese, cheese with pepper, etc. I liked the one with herbs and garlic, so I bought it for my family to try it as well.

When me and my friends were walking pass the windmills two Asian men stopped us. The fact that they were Asian isn’t important, but it shows that there were lots of tourists. It would make no difference if I said they were white, blue, green, because we’re all equal. But enough about that.

They asked us to take a picture of them. So we took their phone and made some pictures. They offered us to do the same for us, as returning a favor. Why not? We agreed. Suddenly one of them came closer and said: “Together?” We were quite surprised, but we agreed. We laughed about that for a long time after it.

But read on … We continued our way when one of us wanted to take a picture. She went in front of the windmill and smiled for the camera. Another (Asian) guy came by and stopped near her and showed peace sign to the camera. We laughed again and by this time we already had 2 pictures with people we don’t know. Later he took a selfie with us as well. You can imagine we told almost everyone about that, because it was so funny and interesting and hasn’t happened before. It is one of the main stories we tell when someone asks us about our trip.But it got even more interesting.

In the afternoon we went to Volendam. That’s a lovely village near the sea, known for its fishing tradition. We tried different kinds of fish and sea food prepared in different ways. We admired that little houses that almost looked like the ones from fairy tales.

We decided to take a seat on a bench that had a view to the sea. We talked a bit and then, I don’t know why, we turned around and saw an older man and a woman, looking at us trough the window from the house behind us. They waved and we smiled and waved back. We continued our conversation untill it was time to go. As we stood up, we saw the woman waving at us, trying to stop us. A few seconds later the man came out and told us to wait.

He asked us which language do we speak (they are very good at English by the way). He was holding two bottles in his hand. He asked us ” Red or white wine?” He apparently wanted to give us something as a gift. We answered that we don’t drink which caused a huge surprise in his eyes. “You don’t drink?!” We explained that we’re on a school trip and we’re not allowed. He excused himself many times, but we just smiled and thanked him. I’m sorry that we didn’t take a picture with that man. He was really nice and he didn’t mean anything bad. Later one of our teachers who heard about it said that it’s not right to disappoint locals like that. She was kidding of course ! We’d be in trouble if we reacted differently.

We talked about it late in the night. That day really was special and interesting. I definitely want to remember it.