27th April 2016

We’ve been driving for around 18 hours. 18 ! There was a lot of traffic on the road. We came late in the morning so we couldn’t visit Rotterdam like we supposed to. We went straight to Delft. Netherlands celebrates kings birthday as a National holiday. Since orange is the colour of this country, everyone dressed up orange or at least puts something on in this colour on this particular day. As we got to Delft everyone was getting ready. There were a lot of people on the streets. We explored on our own for a bit. I saw a beautiful shop window with Delft ceramics. I just couldn’t get enough of that blue and white mixture. People also put lots of things that they don’t need on the streets and try to sell it or at least give it away.

We continued our way to the hotel. I was in the room for three with two of my friends. Rooms were very clean and nice. We had a toilet, shower and a small sink. It was just great. I may forget to mention that I went there with school.We had to sign up for this trip on the internet and all of the free places were gone in a minute. Literally. People who signed up just a few seconds after us couldn’t go anymore, because there were limited spaces. It was all about seconds. I’m glad I was camping in front of my computer for so long that day.

Anyways, we changed our clothes, unpacked a bit and went to Amsterdam. Actually our hotel was in Amsterdam, near an airport, but we went to the centre of the town. We got there by train. We got tickets and had to “check in” every time we went past a yellow little column looking thing. And we had to do that every few meters. We don’t have that in my country or maybe I’m just stupid, but okay.

We could see even more people on the streets celebrating in Amsterdam.There was a lot of alcohol too and amm..weed. It’s kind of leal there so yeah. I had no idea what smelt so weird untill my friend told me. at least  know where not to go in the future if I smell something like that. We had a bit of free time and I saw lots of policemen. I was very confused, because people started running and screaming every now and then. I guess they were just messing around or something.

After that we went to Anne Frank house / museum. I read the book so it was really interesting for me. I really recommend it. In case you haven’t heard about it before …Anne Frank was a jewish girl who lived during the second world war and the holocaust. Her family and some friends were hiding in a house that is a museum now. Anne was writing a diary, hoping she’ll become a famous writer one day. Just a few weeks before the war ended someone told the police about them. Nobody knows who it was. They were taken to concentration camp where they all died, except for her father who returned back to the house where he found the diary and decided to publish it. It became one of the world-known books and was translated to about 70 languages.

In museum you can see rooms they were living/hiding in, personal stuff, etc. There are some short films as well. I could see the first published books and the thing I was most excited about: her diary. Her handwriting and her original diary ! It amazed me so much. She was once sitting in that room writing it and a few decades later there I am, looking at it. It was absolutely stunning and I decided to read the book again. You may heard about this place in John Greens book The fault in our stars. Even movie was filmed there. It’s  sad how she had to die so Young, not knowing that what she was doing would mean so much to the world and so many people would read that. She became a famous writer after all. I admire her a lot.

Me and my friend were so into it that everyone else in the group had to wait for us outside for almost half an hour, thinking we got lost. I apologize, but it was my first and probably the last time there and I really didn’t know they were waiting.

So after all of that we had a bit more of free time and we went to get some food, because we were starving. I have to mention that everything was quite expensive, so we chose McDonald’s at the end. And toilets ! As soon as we left Slovenia you had to pay the toilet on EVERY petrol station. In Austria, Germany and Netherlands. And not just the petroll stations. Everywhere you could see a toilet there was a huge possibility you had to pay for it. Okay..it was just about 0.50 € which is not that much, but not every single time. I feel like a lot of countries have that. Even in restaurants. If you ever decide to come to Slovenia you don’t have to worry about that. We don’t have that. At least not that I know.