No matter how are you going to spend Valentine’s Day you got to have some snacks. Invite a friend, your bae or just eat them on your own. Make it a gift from you to you. At least that’s what I do (#teamsingle) ;).

1. Rice crispy hearts
You will need rice crispy and chocolate. Yes, that’s it.
Cut out the hearts.

Melt some chocolate and put it on the hearts. Don’t forget to decorate !

2. Pink cup

I have no idea how to name this one. The ideas itself is as random as the name.

You will need some strawberry greek yoghurt, oats and banana.10961886_762625217140107_1897155283_n10979414_762625227140106_1524561631_n

Place the yoghurt at the bottom of the glass. Put a layer of oats and chopped bananas on top. Fill it with the rest of the yoghurt.

3. Funfetti mug cake

I’ve posted a recipe for this one yesterday. I’ve decorated it with little sweet stars. I would replace it with heart shaped sprinkles, but I didn’t have any. The choice is yours 🙂




Let me know how it went if you decide to make any of these. And don’t worry if you’re spending this day alone. You’re not the only one 😉