Have you ever been in a situation when you just ask yourself “What’s the point ?”

What’s the point of windscreen wipers ? Rain drops block a view from your car anyways.
What’s the point of looking in the fridge every few minutes ? Food isn’t going to magicaly appear.
What’s the point of daydreaming if you know that non of it would ever happen ?
What’s the point of learning all of those things in Math that you know you’ll never need again ?

Well if you look on your life from this side… then what’s the point of not letting things go ? What’s the point of worrying about the things that happened in the past if you know that you can’t go back and change them ?

Maybe we shouldn’t ask questions like that. Maybe we shouldn’t try to answer them. Because everything has a “point”. Everything on this world is there for purpose. Everything happens with a reason.

Isn’t it better to enjoy life as it is, without searching an answer behind it ? Then what’s the point of breathing if you’re going to die anyways ? Does that mean that we should stop living ? To stop breathing ? No. I’m trying to say that worrying too much about “the point” of things makes more harm than good.

I don’t even know what’s the point of THIS post and I don’t wanna know. Some people could find it odd, some motivational or totally confusing.

Just enjoy life as it is and be happy. Everything that’s bad or seems impossible to complete will pass. I promise.