This was special. I know that everybody says that at the end of each year, but this one was different. I’ve begun writing this blog, I changed school (went to highschool ! ), met a lot of awesome people and finished a lot of chapters in my life.

I want to remember some things that happened to me this year and there’s nothing better to share them in this blog post.

  1. First of all would definitely be my school. I’ve finished the last year of primary school and went to highschool for the first time. I figured out what does it feel like to be “fazan” ( I’ve written about that, click here )and met a lot of new people. That was also the time when I had to figure out where should I go next and where to continue my education. I’m happy that I chose gymnasium.
  2. Last year of primary school also brought junior dance which was amazing. We had so much fun learning those dance steps. I remember how awkward it was when boys had to ask girls for dance.We had a celebration as everyone does and I’ve been asked to lead it. And I’ve never lead a celebration before ! We brought pink balloons at the end and release them into the sky. It was so beautiful and everybody was crying, even our parents and younger students. We sang a beautiful song, “our” song, before that and there’s a line in it which says that all we will leave is a pink sky (if I translate it from Slovene).We also made our own short film and I filmed it. It turned out to be a bit long, but it’s still great ! We had so much fun filming it and we included some scenes with our teachers. We even went on the roof top of our school !

    But most importantly we stuck together. We’ve connected so much in our last year and it makes me sad when I see some of my schoolmates now and they don’t even say hello. Some have really changed and it’s only been a few months since then.

  3. I have to mention, that we won once in the school talent show. Our original plan was that everybody from our class would dance to “All about that bass” song, but boys being boys refused that. So just girls did that and two of them got brave enough to freestyle a bit there. It was so fun and we made a little joke at the end. One of those boys went to the nearest piano, pressed play and acted like he’s playing it. He was making weird faces and body moves and everybody was laughing. I think we won because of that tho. The prize was a cake. Yummy one ;).Since we were a bit special we also wanted to trick our teachers, so we put toilet paper all over the school. They caught us and we had to stop. What ? It was our last day !Screenshot_2015-06-15-19-37-49-1
    (that’s just a bit of it..there was a lot more tho)How many memories ! I wanted to mention just one thing, but I’ve told you the whole history. Maybe I should write about it in a separate post.
  4. I’ve also had my confirmation this year. That was quite big as well. I had a really nice lunch with my relatives and it was just great.
  5. Some changes happened in our dance school as well. We got a new coach and we got along with him very well. There used to be at least 9 of us which isn’t a lot, but there’s just 4 of us left. We first thought we’ll be 3, but one came back :). I really enjoy taking my dance classes and I’ve started thinking about choosing this as my career. We had some awesome dance performances, the most of them in December. A man walked to us at our last one and asked us if we would like to come more often. So yeah, he offered us more performances at some sport matches. At first small, unimportant ones, but later..who knows ?

Okay, I’ll finish right there, since it is already longer than I expected. I want to mention a project that happened in October. As you know we call that month Pink October as well. There was a charity project for breast cancer. It was called Lep je dan or Beautiful day if I’d translate. The whole gymnasium and some other schools,people came to the square of our city where we danced. We all had pink plastic rain coats and white,pink hats. We learned a simple choreography and danced there. That happened in a lot of cities all over Slovenia and we all danced at the same time. It was raining all day and we were all wet, but I enjoyed it. I like doing things like that for charity and I would be more than happy to do something like this again.


(This is the only picture that I’ve got..there are some good ones on the internet, but I don’t want to use them because of the copyright. You can search for Europa donna dance or something )

So yeah..this year was special. I won’t continue, because I would probably finish doing that next year ;). Summer was epic, new school is great, my friends are awesome and I met so many new people this year. And so many things happened. I even started with this blog ! Half of the school year as a high school student is almost over and it went by so fast ! I can’t believe it.

I hope that next year would bring a lot too ! I wish health, luck, joy, happiness and everything that your heart desires to you too ! Don’t spend too much time writing resolutions. Look at what you have now and live your life to the fullest !



P.s. I would really like to upload more pictures with this post, but there are other people on there too and I’m not sure if they would like to be on here. I’m sorry for that !