23. December, 2015


I wanted to go shopping for Christmas gifts, but I didn’t, because I had nobody to take me there. I can’t drive on my own yet. I had to accept that this year I’ll have to work on some DIY projects. I’ve figured out exactly what will I give to my family. But then. My brother hasn’t been to the stores yet. And he decided to go today. I went with him.

We split in the shopping center and meet infront of one of the stores. We both had bags in our hands, but we were carefully hiding the inside. So I finally got the presents I wanted to give at the beginning.

I love shopping for presents. I get very excited. I like wrapping and giving things to people. But it can be so stressful sometimes. We went there quite late and they were closing off after a while and I still needed some things. I had no idea what to get and I found myself standing and running trough the store for five minutes not knowing what am I even looking for.

I didn’t want to spend to much money and I didn’t have it much left. I had to go with the first thing I saw that seemed okay. I’m happy with the things I got now and I will combine them with some DIYs. I’d like to show them to you, but I can’t right now. Maybe after Christmas or next year !