21. December, 2015

I’m so sorry. I completely forgot to write yesterday (on the 21.Dec ) so I’ll do it now.

Monday. Okay..what happened on Monday ? Is it weird that I don’t really remember ? Ammm..I know that we had an English class with that teacher from England I told you about. It was really fun ! I just love hearing that accent.

I think I spent most of the time planing some stuff for Christmas presents. And before I knew it was dark outside.

22. December, 2015

I just came home. I haven’t been here since morning. I’ve stayed at the city after school. I got myself a slice of pizza so I would actually eat something today. Soon, two friends from dance school came.

We had a performance and a practice before it. There’s just 4 of us and one called that she can’t come. She got sick and went to the doctor. We felt really bad for her and we didn’t know what to do. Performance was getting closer and we didn’t know how will we dance without her. Everyone of us had a position or how would you call it. It was quite difficult to do that without her.

We did some changes and just dance it out. We weren’t that bad and feeling I got was great. We just messed up something at our last choreography. We were very nervous, but a lot of people said we were very good. I even heard a little boy who said to his mum that our performance was his favourite. How sweet is that ? And some other little girls were all happy and were giving us high-fives.

I have some homework to do now, so I’ll see ya tomorrow.

Oh ! Winter officially started ! But we don’t have snow here. Not yet. I’m dreaming of a White Christmas tho 😉 .( see what I did there ? )