20. December, 2015

Christmas is so closeee !! Just five days left !

But tomorrow is Monday which kind of ruins everything. And I have two hours of Math. Yey ! Can you not ? Goshhh.

Anyways. This weekend was great. I baked some cookies and did nothing stressful. I don’t know when was the last time I spend my weekend like that. My head is literally empty. I don’t worry about anything right now. I know I have school tomorrow, but I feel like I don’t. It’s just great !

I’m excited for the next days. I supposed to have school on 24th December (I know right. How stupid is that ? You can’t have school a day before Christmas. But everyone does and it’s not just this year.) but I won’t ! We have a day of school or something like that. Every school has one, but I don’t think that it has it at the same time. It means that nobody has school that say. No Thursday class for me !

I have a performance on Tuesday which I’m excited about. So this week will be pretty exciting and short. Just the fact that Christmas is coming is exciting !