17. December, 2015

New post is up ! It’s Christmas playlist as I promised.

I got my History test back today and I did pretty good. I’m afraid of Math tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me, would you ?

After school I had joga. We have it as a optional class in my school. Today was really interesting. We did some relaxation and it was great. It really made my day. I felt so good afterwards. I was full of positive energy. We also talked about what we want from New year.

It turned into lection. Good one. You know like giving advice. We talked about things that are really important. Not material ones. It was a good talk and we all left with smiles on our faces.

Christmas is such a happy time. We all give gifts and hugs and kind words to each other. But we should do that more. Not just on holidays and birthdays. Small things count. Just opening a door for someone is something. They may not even realize it. But with those kind of actions you make world better and happier place to live.

We also talked about how we should surround ourselfs with similar people to us. To let go and forget about people who bring bad energy and stress into our life. Even school. It is important and it is stressful. But sometimes you just have to take time for yourself and say : ” You know what ? I need to do something for myself as well.” All you really have to do is to take time, leave everything and go.

Stop doing homework. Listen to a song or two to make you feel better and then continue with work. After a really though day, take a bath. I don’t know. Do what you want ! Do it for yourself !