15. December, 2015

I’m free people. No more tests till Christmas ! Yaaaaasss.

Today was a good day. A great one ! School as school and then I had my dance lessons. I didn’t go last time, because I was sick. We were working for our performance in the near future and it was so fun. I don’t know when was the last time I laughed so much. It’s always fun, so I enjoy taking the classes. But today… We laughed on every five minutes. We couldn’t stop making jokes and mistakes which were the main reason for laughing. Ahh, good times.

I don’t have first three hours of class tomorrow. Everything feels so good right now. But tomorrow can change everything. But seriously, I don’t have to study anymore !! I know that so many people have to right now and I remember studying the whole December in primary school.

I’m surprised that we’re already finished, but we’ve already written everything. It was very intense in the last few weeks, so this is something too.

I am (un)lucky enough to be the first one on the list of students. That’s because I am the only one whose surname begins with A. They order it by Alphabet. I am usually the first one who gets oral grades. That’s bad, because I don’t know what to expect since I’m the first one. But it’s good, because I have a lot of grades behind me now and I don’t have to study for them. Some of my schoolmates may get them very late, in March or so, while I got them in the first months of this school year when there wasn’t much to learn from.

See, there is always something good in bad. If that makes sense.

Enough people. Go away. You have stuff to do, I’m sure. Enough of internet for you today. You spend way to much time online anyways.

[[ I hope you realised that this is sarcasm. I’m not telling you what to do or not to read my blog. Just wanted to pointed out that there’s much more in this world than social media.]]

Okay, this post was just full of everything. I hope you still enjoyed !