14. December, 2015

Today literally felt like day of tests. I have written Math. And then I got three tests back from last week. All in one day. Even afternoon was spent by learning for a test !

There are also some kind of “private lessons” of English in our school. There is a couple from England who you can talk with. We each in our class (and in other classes on school) get about 12 minutes to talk to them. We have them let’s say every two weeks, but it takes time till you’re up again. so you get there once on two months I’d say. It depends whether they have time or not.

Anyways..I had my lesson today. I’ve talked about Christmas, gifts, religion and many other things. It’s so fun to talk to someone whose actual mother tongue is English. And it’s a great opportunity as well.

She said that I did nice, that my English is good so she needs to write that down. Next time we’ll talk about politics and stuff like that, because it’s harder to understand and difficult to talk about even in Slovene. That was her decision not mine. She said that they need to “push” us forward so we improve our language skills and that’s why we’ll do that.

I am doing a list of christmas songs right now and I may or may not make a blog post out of it 😉 . (Tomorrow probably, because I’ll have more time.)