8. December, 2015

I feel like I’m going to get sick. I’ve still got sore throat and a strange feeling in my nose. Hello, cold. I don’t need you now, you know ? Can you find another time ??

Oh, well. I went to my dance lessons today. We supposed to have a performance this Friday, but it got canceled. I was looking forward to it, but what can I do ?

The rest of the day that I spent home was a bit boring. I’ve cooked lunch and did some stuff for school. I know I mention studying and homework every day, but it’s just crazy in school right now.

Oh, I totally forgot ! There was one interesting thing that happened to me today. When I was leaving the dance studio someone stopped us. There was a boy and a girl next to him. He asked us if we think that they are meant to be together. We were sooo confused and started to laugh, because he said it in a sarcastic way. I said I don’t know and then they smiled and hugged. But I was confused, because I wasn’t sure if they were together or not. They asked us for a few more times as a joke and my friend said yes. Then some other people came and they started to make jokes. They were making fun out of each other. They were comparing each other to food. Just like I’d say : “You’re tortilla” and then he’ll answer that he at least has double cheese. It made no sense basically, but they were hilarious.