7. December, 2015

I was in such a weird mood today. I woke up really early, because I had some weird dreams that I don’t even remember completely. Then I fell asleep again and woke up with a sore throat.

I came to school and there were a lot of students from another class that were standing in front of my classroom. I thought I went to the wrong one. We had Music and we always have it in the same room. I was really confused and there was nobody of my schoolmates.

I tried to go online to search for my schedule and the right number of the classroom. But as always my phone decided not to work and it took it 5 minutes to upload. But it didn’t. It was uploading for a bit and then it just sent me on my home page. What the heck phone ? I was praying that at least once in its life it would work fast so I wouldn’t miss class, because I had about five minutes till it.

Just when I thought of searching the whole school for my classroom and started making up all of the possible excuses that wouldn’t sound as stupid as the whole situation was, I saw two schoolmates. I asked them where do we have our class and guess what ? It was where I thought it was in the first place.

All of those students were suddenly gone and I was so stupid that I didn’t have a look in the actual room. But it is opened every time. And we wait for the teacher inside. I’ve felt so stupid and confused.

Day was actually good and I got some good grades, but I didn’t really realised it, because I was feeling weird. Not in a way as being healthy, but I was just in that weird mood.

I felt like classes were longer than usual and I couldn’t wait to come home. I’ve spent the rest of the day drinking tea and doing school work.

I’ve seen that Troye Sivan announced an Europe tour. He won’t come to Slovenia. Nobody does. But he’ll be coming to Vienna and Milano which is quite close and I really want to go. He’s a youtuber who has recently released his first album Blue neighbourhood. He has a beautiful voice and I really want to see him in person. My chances of going there aren’t very big. I don’t have anyone to go with, because I’m not 18 yet and I can’t go on my own. We’ll see. Hope dies last, right ?