6. December, 2015

I’m absolutely the worst when it comes to studying. I’ve learned English for a bit, but even if I didn’t know certain things I was just like: “Meh, I don’t care. I’ll have a look later.” And that later never came.

I have a lot of other subjects to study for and for once I had time to do that. But I didn’t. I know it would be much easier if I went trough the book and I won’t have to study as much later. But I just can’t get over myself.

If I know I don’t have to study now, I won’t. If I know that I won’t have time, I’m thinking that I still have “tomorrow” left.

Anyways…I’ve spend some time studying and then..well I don’t know. I feel like day was over before I could even do anything. So I pretty much did nothing today. I was doing something for my blog, but I didn’t finish it, because there are some things I need to get to finish it off.

I hope I’ll get them as soon as possible.