5. December, 2015

St. Nicholas came to visit the children today. They also turned the christmas lights on in the city. And we had a performance before all of that happened.

Stage was really small and we were worried if we would have enough space to dance. We soon figured out we will be dancing next to it. They told us to go there right after majorette performance. It was so cold outside and we didn’t want to take our coats off, but it was time to do that.

Right after they got off the stage we came on and waited. Waited. Waited. My fingers were freezing, my body was shaking. I was telling myself to relax. I thought I heard our song, but it stopped playing. They said a few words about us and then it began.

Music was so quiet ! It felt like somebody is playing it on his phone. We could barely hear it and that made everything even more difficult. After a few dance moves I realized that floor is very slippery and I almost feel once.

The crowd wasn’t very loud and there was somebody taking pictures of us and filming us. Couch said we did well, but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to go there again and tell those people to volume up the music ! I feel like people would enjoy more if they could actually hear anything. It literally felt like we just started dancing in the middle off everyone. Just like that. I was hoping all the time that they would make it a bit louder, but they didn’t. I wasn’t angry, just disappointed.

We hanged out for a bit more after that and then we went home. It was a nice day after all and I liked it. I love performing and I never want to miss a chance.

My parents came to pick me up. We made a quick visit at my grandparents house. It’s currently 8.23 p.m. I’ll probably watch a movie or something like that and then go to sleep.

That’s been my day. If you missed my previous blogmas posts, feel free to check them out.

Good night everybody, xxx