4. December, 2015

I’ve finished school at 11.30 today. I went to lunch with my friends. I usually don’t eat out a lot, but I had to wait till 2 o’clock and that was the best solution to spend time. We went to a really nice restaurant. It’s decorated nicely and it’s very cozy.



At 2 p.m. I met my friends from dance lessons. We went to a shopping center together. We bought some things for our performance tomorrow. We have to be dressed the same so we needed some clothes. I’ll probably post a picture of the outfit tomorrow.

We bought a sweater from man side of the store. Lets get real here. Boys have some really nice clothes, maybe even better ones. There was nothing that we liked or it was too expensive. We found a grey t-shirt and a black kerchief. I got the sweater in size M, because they didn’t have it in S.

It looks a bit oversized and it actually fits my older brother. It’s very comfortable and made out of a nice material. I feel like I should have a look on their clothes more often ;)..if only their sizes were a bit smaller..