3. December, 2015

I supposed to get graded in gym class today, but teacher let us watch the basketball game in the near hall. I could also get my test back from Music class, but she didn’t grade it yet. No grades today. No good ones no bad ones, that could ruin my day. I don’t know if you want to know that, but I don’t know what to tell you. It’s just school.

I got home at about half Four. I did some school stuff and then went to my old elementary school. They were having a bazaar where they sold some stuff they’ve made. I only got one thing and it’s a little cartoon reindeer with a red nose made out of a lollipop. It’s so adorable !20151203_204945[1]

I met some of my ex schoolmates and we talked to some of our old teachers. We were students there just a few months ago, but it feels so different. A lot of teachers are new. I’m not sure if some “old” ones were even happy to see us or not. Some just told us to buy something like that’s the most important thing. Don’t you realize I came back for you ? For memories. To have a little chat. But some of them just pretended that they don’t care. Is it really all about money ?I was sad, because I didn’t see the ones that I kinda wanted to. I’m still glad I went, because it was nice.

I haven’t been there for a long time since I had to go to dance lessons. My brother took me there and he knew he would have to wait for me. He brought a laptop with him and watched a movie while I was on my training. I had to wait five more minutes in the care when I came, because he was just watching the end of it. No comment.

My day finished at that point I would say. It’s almost 10 o’clock now. I’ve been watching some YouTube videos and spending some time on the internet. Nothing special.