I realized I haven’t told you what I did yesterday, I just told you about blogmas. I have nothing really to say. These two days were nothing special.

1. December, 2015

First day of the happy month began as usual. I started class at 7 a.m. and hardly waited till 2 p.m. As soon I got home I started to learn German and a little bit of Geography. I had about two hours to do that and my homework as well. Math teacher decided to give it a lot (which always happen when I have a lot of work to do ). Then I got ready and went to my dance lessons. They were quite special this time, because we had it together with latin dancers. Latin dancers are basically the ones who dance ballroom dances and this is just the way we call them. We are having a performance together soon and we were working on it. It’s a mix of hip hop and a “latin” dance. After that I got home and since it was quite late I soon got to bed.

2. December, 2015
German went well and I got an A. I’ve spent this afternoon learning Geography, because we have a test tomorrow. There’s a lot of themes I had to learn and I didn’t manage to do a lot yesterday. I forgot to mention that I’ll have a performance this saturday on event where St. Nicholas will come to say hi to kids and they will turn christmas lights on. I’m very excited about it ! I feel like tomorrow will be interesting and I won’t be home a lot. More about it in tomorrow’s post ;). I don’t know what else to tell you… I just started blogmas, but I already like it a lot. It will be quite hard tho to post every day, because I have about six tests till Christmas. Isn’t school just making everything so much better ? (Sarcasm, I mean like shouldn’t we be all in that Christmas spirit? Or lets just write tests. Because that’s same. Sarcasm again).


I hope you don’t have so much school work to do as well. Why do they always leave us alone for two months and then they give us all the tests in two weeks ? On a Christmas time… Who would understand that, right?

Have a lovely evening everyone !