December 2015

Best of 2015

This was special. I know that everybody says that at the end of each year, but this one was different. I’ve begun writing this blog, I changed school (went to highschool ! ), met a lot of awesome people and finished a lot of chapters in my life.

I want to remember some things that happened to me this year and there’s nothing better to share them in this blog post.

  1. First of all would definitely be my school. I’ve finished the last year of primary school and went to highschool for the first time. I figured out what does it feel like to be “fazan” ( I’ve written about that, click here )and met a lot of new people. That was also the time when I had to figure out where should I go next and where to continue my education. I’m happy that I chose gymnasium.
  2. Last year of primary school also brought junior dance which was amazing. We had so much fun learning those dance steps. I remember how awkward it was when boys had to ask girls for dance.We had a celebration as everyone does and I’ve been asked to lead it. And I’ve never lead a celebration before ! We brought pink balloons at the end and release them into the sky. It was so beautiful and everybody was crying, even our parents and younger students. We sang a beautiful song, “our” song, before that and there’s a line in it which says that all we will leave is a pink sky (if I translate it from Slovene).We also made our own short film and I filmed it. It turned out to be a bit long, but it’s still great ! We had so much fun filming it and we included some scenes with our teachers. We even went on the roof top of our school !

    But most importantly we stuck together. We’ve connected so much in our last year and it makes me sad when I see some of my schoolmates now and they don’t even say hello. Some have really changed and it’s only been a few months since then.

  3. I have to mention, that we won once in the school talent show. Our original plan was that everybody from our class would dance to “All about that bass” song, but boys being boys refused that. So just girls did that and two of them got brave enough to freestyle a bit there. It was so fun and we made a little joke at the end. One of those boys went to the nearest piano, pressed play and acted like he’s playing it. He was making weird faces and body moves and everybody was laughing. I think we won because of that tho. The prize was a cake. Yummy one ;).Since we were a bit special we also wanted to trick our teachers, so we put toilet paper all over the school. They caught us and we had to stop. What ? It was our last day !Screenshot_2015-06-15-19-37-49-1
    (that’s just a bit of it..there was a lot more tho)How many memories ! I wanted to mention just one thing, but I’ve told you the whole history. Maybe I should write about it in a separate post.
  4. I’ve also had my confirmation this year. That was quite big as well. I had a really nice lunch with my relatives and it was just great.
  5. Some changes happened in our dance school as well. We got a new coach and we got along with him very well. There used to be at least 9 of us which isn’t a lot, but there’s just 4 of us left. We first thought we’ll be 3, but one came back :). I really enjoy taking my dance classes and I’ve started thinking about choosing this as my career. We had some awesome dance performances, the most of them in December. A man walked to us at our last one and asked us if we would like to come more often. So yeah, he offered us more performances at some sport matches. At first small, unimportant ones, but later..who knows ?

Okay, I’ll finish right there, since it is already longer than I expected. I want to mention a project that happened in October. As you know we call that month Pink October as well. There was a charity project for breast cancer. It was called Lep je dan or Beautiful day if I’d translate. The whole gymnasium and some other schools,people came to the square of our city where we danced. We all had pink plastic rain coats and white,pink hats. We learned a simple choreography and danced there. That happened in a lot of cities all over Slovenia and we all danced at the same time. It was raining all day and we were all wet, but I enjoyed it. I like doing things like that for charity and I would be more than happy to do something like this again.


(This is the only picture that I’ve got..there are some good ones on the internet, but I don’t want to use them because of the copyright. You can search for Europa donna dance or something )

So yeah..this year was special. I won’t continue, because I would probably finish doing that next year ;). Summer was epic, new school is great, my friends are awesome and I met so many new people this year. And so many things happened. I even started with this blog ! Half of the school year as a high school student is almost over and it went by so fast ! I can’t believe it.

I hope that next year would bring a lot too ! I wish health, luck, joy, happiness and everything that your heart desires to you too ! Don’t spend too much time writing resolutions. Look at what you have now and live your life to the fullest !



P.s. I would really like to upload more pictures with this post, but there are other people on there too and I’m not sure if they would like to be on here. I’m sorry for that !


Blogmas day 24

24. December, 2015

Last day of Blogmas ! It went by so fast !

I’ve been preparing and wraping presents today. I’ve been to the city. I went there with train and I saw the winner of Slovenia’s got talent show there. What a coincidence !

I helped my mum a bit in the afternoon as well. We had a really nice family dinner.

I’m gonna turn off the social media now.. Merry Christmas everyone !


Blogmas day 23

23. December, 2015


I wanted to go shopping for Christmas gifts, but I didn’t, because I had nobody to take me there. I can’t drive on my own yet. I had to accept that this year I’ll have to work on some DIY projects. I’ve figured out exactly what will I give to my family. But then. My brother hasn’t been to the stores yet. And he decided to go today. I went with him.

We split in the shopping center and meet infront of one of the stores. We both had bags in our hands, but we were carefully hiding the inside. So I finally got the presents I wanted to give at the beginning.

I love shopping for presents. I get very excited. I like wrapping and giving things to people. But it can be so stressful sometimes. We went there quite late and they were closing off after a while and I still needed some things. I had no idea what to get and I found myself standing and running trough the store for five minutes not knowing what am I even looking for.

I didn’t want to spend to much money and I didn’t have it much left. I had to go with the first thing I saw that seemed okay. I’m happy with the things I got now and I will combine them with some DIYs. I’d like to show them to you, but I can’t right now. Maybe after Christmas or next year !


Blogmas day 21, 22

21. December, 2015

I’m so sorry. I completely forgot to write yesterday (on the 21.Dec ) so I’ll do it now.

Monday. Okay..what happened on Monday ? Is it weird that I don’t really remember ? Ammm..I know that we had an English class with that teacher from England I told you about. It was really fun ! I just love hearing that accent.

I think I spent most of the time planing some stuff for Christmas presents. And before I knew it was dark outside.

22. December, 2015

I just came home. I haven’t been here since morning. I’ve stayed at the city after school. I got myself a slice of pizza so I would actually eat something today. Soon, two friends from dance school came.

We had a performance and a practice before it. There’s just 4 of us and one called that she can’t come. She got sick and went to the doctor. We felt really bad for her and we didn’t know what to do. Performance was getting closer and we didn’t know how will we dance without her. Everyone of us had a position or how would you call it. It was quite difficult to do that without her.

We did some changes and just dance it out. We weren’t that bad and feeling I got was great. We just messed up something at our last choreography. We were very nervous, but a lot of people said we were very good. I even heard a little boy who said to his mum that our performance was his favourite. How sweet is that ? And some other little girls were all happy and were giving us high-fives.

I have some homework to do now, so I’ll see ya tomorrow.

Oh ! Winter officially started ! But we don’t have snow here. Not yet. I’m dreaming of a White Christmas tho 😉 .( see what I did there ? )



Blogmas day 20

20. December, 2015

Christmas is so closeee !! Just five days left !

But tomorrow is Monday which kind of ruins everything. And I have two hours of Math. Yey ! Can you not ? Goshhh.

Anyways. This weekend was great. I baked some cookies and did nothing stressful. I don’t know when was the last time I spend my weekend like that. My head is literally empty. I don’t worry about anything right now. I know I have school tomorrow, but I feel like I don’t. It’s just great !

I’m excited for the next days. I supposed to have school on 24th December (I know right. How stupid is that ? You can’t have school a day before Christmas. But everyone does and it’s not just this year.) but I won’t ! We have a day of school or something like that. Every school has one, but I don’t think that it has it at the same time. It means that nobody has school that say. No Thursday class for me !

I have a performance on Tuesday which I’m excited about. So this week will be pretty exciting and short. Just the fact that Christmas is coming is exciting !


Blogmas day 19

19. December, 2015

I was baking Christmas cookies the whole afternoon. My goal is to make several types of them. I made 4 today and I left three for tomorrow. The whole house smelt so good and cookies weren’t bad at all. I’ve been on my feet the whole day and I couldn’t wait to sit down.


Blogmas day 18

18. December, 2015

It’s Friday !! We had the last three hours free. Actually we had a concert. For charity.

It was great ! You know when you see those bands in teenage movies. Well it’s so great to see something like that live.

I was so tired when I got home. I don’t think it was because of the concert. I don’t know what it was. I slept the whole afternoon.

I’ve been watching TV for a while and I almost forgot to write. That’s why I’m posting so late.

Okay, I’m running out of battery. Bye.


Blogmas day 17

17. December, 2015

New post is up ! It’s Christmas playlist as I promised.

I got my History test back today and I did pretty good. I’m afraid of Math tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me, would you ?

After school I had joga. We have it as a optional class in my school. Today was really interesting. We did some relaxation and it was great. It really made my day. I felt so good afterwards. I was full of positive energy. We also talked about what we want from New year.

It turned into lection. Good one. You know like giving advice. We talked about things that are really important. Not material ones. It was a good talk and we all left with smiles on our faces.

Christmas is such a happy time. We all give gifts and hugs and kind words to each other. But we should do that more. Not just on holidays and birthdays. Small things count. Just opening a door for someone is something. They may not even realize it. But with those kind of actions you make world better and happier place to live.

We also talked about how we should surround ourselfs with similar people to us. To let go and forget about people who bring bad energy and stress into our life. Even school. It is important and it is stressful. But sometimes you just have to take time for yourself and say : ” You know what ? I need to do something for myself as well.” All you really have to do is to take time, leave everything and go.

Stop doing homework. Listen to a song or two to make you feel better and then continue with work. After a really though day, take a bath. I don’t know. Do what you want ! Do it for yourself !


Christmas playlist


There is no Christmas without Christmas music. I made a list of songs that I like to listen to this time of the year. I am sure that there are many more that I forgot. Also, all singers named below aren’t the original songwriters. Some of them are covers. Just so you know.

  1. Frank Sinatra – Let it snow !
  2. Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you
  3. Brenda Lee – Rockin’ around the Christmas tree
  4. Michael Bublé – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
  5. Wham ! – Last Christmas
  6. Coldplay – Christmas lights
  7. Frank Sinatra – Santa Claus is comin’ to town
  8. Nat King Cole – The christmas song
  9. Darlene Love – Christmas ( baby please come home )
  10. Michael bublé, Shania Twain – White Christmas
  11. Andy Williams – It’s the most wonderful time of the year
  12. Mariah Carey – O Holy Night
  13. Bing Crosby – I wish you a Merry Christmas
  14. Gene Autry – Here comes Santa Claus
  15. Burl Ives – A Holly Jolly Christmas
  16. Michael Bublé- Frosty the snowman
  17. Kelly Clarkson – Underneath the Tree
  18. José Feliciano – Feliz Navidad
  19. Shakin’ Stevens – Merry Christmas everyone
  20. Tony Bennett – Winter Wonderland
  21. Train – Shake Up Christmas
  22. NSYNC – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
  23. Glee – Baby, it’s cold outside
  24. Aretha Franklin – Joy to the world
  25. John Denver – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  26. Daryl Hall & John Oates – Jingle Bell Rock
  27. Chris Brown – This Christmas
  28. Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me
  29. Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run
  30. Chris Rea – Driving home for Christmas
  31. Mariah Carey – Oh Santa !
  32. Frank Sinatra – Jingle Bells
  33. Elton John – Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher
  34. Kurt Nilsen – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  35. Justin Bieber – Mistletoe
  36. Leona Lewis – One More Sleep
  37. Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you
  38. Christina Perri – Ave Maria
  39. Band Aid 30 – Do they know it’s Christmas ?
  40. Glee – O Christmas Tree
  41. Mud – Lonely this Christmas
  42. Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
  43. Alma cogan – Never Do A Tango With an Eskimo

I know there are a lot of great versions of each song and everyone has its own taste. Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments !

You can find the playlist here:

Happy listening !



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