” You’re not good enough.”
” What are you doing with your life ? ”
” You always fail.”
” You’re stupid.”
” Why can’t you be like others ? ”

Do you want to know how to change that ? How to be a “better person” ?

Stop it right there. Admit it or not, you’ll never be good enough. There will always be someone who would be “better” than you. And guess what … there’s nothing wrong with it.

Nothing is so good that it couldn’t be better. So there is no perfect humans. You are perfect the way you are and if people don’t like that..well maybe you should forget about them and move on. Maybe ? You should !

With all the stress and everyday problems the last thing you need are people who  only bring negativity in your life. You don’t deserve that. You deserve to be happy.

There is no guide on how to become a better person. Everyone has mistakes and we have to learn how to accept them. You can do a total makeover of yourself, but your fears, passion, knowledge … would stay.

I feel like being a better person would mean making yourself happy. Finding things you enjoy doing at (even finding new friends). And when you learn to think positive, help others. Be that friend who supports. We all need one in life, but don’t always have that luck.

Enjoy living your life. If nobody hates you then you must be doing something really boring. Accept critics, get better and keep in mind that one day, everything will change.

So please do not try to be better person by copying others. Do whatever you want to do. If you mess something up that’s okay. Life is a huge mess that we live in. Nothing is as perfect as it seems.

Trust yourself. BE yourself.