Okay…even if you don’t have your perfect costume you can still rock this skeleton hand. Either you want to be skeleton or just spice up your costume, make it a bit scarier, follow this quick tutorial on how to make it.

  1. apply some hand cream on your hand (it would be easier to take the makeup off later)
  2. follow the pictures below to draw lines (I used black kajal pencil for drawing, a gel eyeliner would work too.)PhotoGrid_1446116278673
  3. Fill in the blank space, between your fingers with the black pencil. Take a black eyeshadow and blend it a bit on the non-coloured areas.PhotoGrid_1446116369602
  4. Correct little details that you might miss. And there you go !IMG_20151029_115212

I wish I could describe you the steps more, but it’s hard. Just try to follow the pictures I’ve posted and don’t forget to be creative. This is just an example how you can do it. You can add your own ideas to it or change it completely.

Have fun !