The recipe I am going to show you today is so easy and quick to make. If you are looking for a last-minute snack than this is it. You don’t need a lot and it’s also fun to do. You could make those with your friends, by yourself or even with little kids. Maybe even make it an activity on a Halloween party ? ( I don’t know, I’m just trying to help).

This is not my idea, it’s more like a recreation. In the “original” recipe you need some hot dogs and a can of Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls. First of all I have no idea what the heck is this supposed to be. A dough inside of a can that you bake and get crescent dinner rolls ? I’ve never heard of it before, nor have I seen it. It might be the fact that my country does not have that or that I’m just stupid.

I still wanted to make those so I used the pizza dough instead. It works just fine and they turned out great !

So the very first thing you have to do is to make dough or buy it if that’s what you want. Then roll it out and cut vertical lines like in the picture below.IMG_20151027_170618 IMG_20151027_170908 IMG_20151027_171102

And there comes the fun part. Take your “dough lines” and wrap them around hot dogs like so:

IMG_20151027_171431 IMG_20151027_171506

If you think that they are to big, you can cut them on half before wrapping dough around them. When you are finished, put them in a preheated oven on 205 °C for 20-25 minutes.

They supposed to look something like this at the end. Add some mustard for the eyes and you are finished !

IMG_20151027_171757  IMG_20151027_171829

I have to admit that not all of them were perfect. Some of them popped and I’m not sure why. Maybe I should cut little lines in them before baking …IMG_20151027_171949

I hope that this doesn’t happen to you !

Bon appétit !