Today was my first time eating Brazilian food. I was in Ljubljana with my family and we went to Brazilian restaurant for lunch. We normally don’t go to foreign restaurants, we don’t even eat out that much. But let’s just say that today was a special day for us. My brother finished college, so we got to celebrate that.
He was the only one who has ever been there, so he was our guide I guess. He ordered the food and then it all began. First off we took our plates and got some salat and side dishes in the self-service kind off thing.
There were a little wooden things next to our plates. They were red on one side and green on the other. As I found out, they supposed to work as traffic lights. When you turn green side up they start bringing you food. And when you have enough you turn the red side up, so they stop.
The waiter brought us food every few minutes I’d say. Well basically when the meat was baked. We started off with chicken and a little sausage and then continued with many other sorts of meat. We got a chance o try a bit “bloody” things as well. I’ve never eaten that and it doesn’t sound good to me. Because why would you like to eat raw meat (even tho it wasn’t raw, it was just prepared like this). I tried it anyways, because I’m a curious person and I like to try everything. It wasn’t that bad, but I felt a bit sick because I’ve eaten so much,so I didn’t enjoy that taste as much as I could.
After all of our buttons were open on our pants, we decided to stop. They literally bring you food untill you can’t eat anymore. If you try every sort of meat you can choose which one did you like best from all of those and order it again or it simply goes from the start again. Crazy right ?

There was also a dessert included in the price. As always there is always enough room for a dessert, no matter how much have you eaten. We got baked pineapple with cinnamon if I remember correctly. It was very juicy and delicious. Never eaten that before either.
IMG_20150911_213624  IMG_20150911_213653
That was our “lunch” which was at like 4 o’clock so it lasted till about 7.00 p.m. We’ve eaten so much that there was no space for dinner and I have a feeling that I won’t need a breakfast as well. It was a nice experience and I would definitely go back. I think I should explore more when it comes to foreign food.

That’s it for today. Have you ever been to Brazilian restaurant before? What do you think about it? Tell me in the comments !