It’s nothing special if you see a freshman with different drawings and “Frrrs” on the 1st September. There’s a tradition in our country that allows that. Is some kind of a baptism for the new high school students. And that day has arrived for me as well.

Today was my first day of high school. As a “Fazan” (as we call freshmen here) I was very nervous. I had no idea what to expect. During the years it became more than colouring freshmen bodies, they developed new tricks as well. You have to know that people from higher grades, like seniors for example do that. Not just anyone. There are basically no rules. It doesn’t matter which school are you going to, or if you know the person that draws on your skin …

I have to admit that it wasn’t that bad. I expected a lot worse. I heard that somewhere they were throwing eggs, corn, flour in the freshmen. But I left with just a few drawings. I did heard a loud “Frrrrrrrr” when I was walking by some older students tho. It also happened that they went pass us with markers, because they thought we were still in primary school. Ha !

But I wasn’t nervous just because of this. In the school that I’ll be visiting for the next four years, they also made challenges for us. All the freshman classes were competing against each other, with no specific prize (winner supposed to be the most promising class). For each challenge we had to pick someone to made it which was even harder, because we didn’t know each other. I’m very glad that I got two of my friends in the same class as me and I also got very well along with four other people. I just didn’t really had a chance to met the others.

So if I tell more about challenges …first one was that a volunteer from each class had to count all the stairs in the building. Nobody got it right tho. Then there was a quiz, karaoke and lastly oath. We had to promise a few things to become official high school students.

Another thing happened, that I knew it will and I was afraid of it. My surname begins with A. That means that I’m always on top of the lists with students, etc. I prayed to God that I will not be in 1A, because that will mean that I am going to be the first one out of everybody. Like first of first. You get me ! And this was exactly what happened. I was not that scared tho, because it happened really quick and it wasn’t awkward at all. I also got a class teacher from my hometown which I was really glad about. I don’t know her well, but she is very kind.

And then we went into our classroom and around the school. I haven’t talked to everyone yet, but I’m looking forward to do it tomorrow. I like meeting new friends and I have a feeling that I will get very well along with some that I can’t even remember their names.

Well, yeah..that was my first day of high school. For any future freshmen out there, I wish you good luck. Everything is going to be all right at the end. I was scared so much, but I really enjoyed the day and I’m looking forward to go to school right now ( I do not miss the classes, not at all, just people).

And if you already went trough that experience …let me know how it was ! Do you have any traditions like we do here ? How does it look like to be a freshman in your country ? Tell me in the comments !