This happened a few weeks ago and I’m still laughing at it. I was on my summer holidays, spending days at a camp near the sea. My friend from back home messaged me, that she arrived and asked me if I want to hang out. Of course I agreed. She had a friend with her, so there was three of us. During the day we mostly swam or just talked about everything. In the evening we decided to go out, to the “city”. There were a lot of stands. Some were selling food and some just random things and souvenirs. We usually went to the one that was selling “slushy”. “Slushy” is a flavoured frozen drink. And colourful as well. That explains our blue tongues after drinking it !

It was an average night and we were on our way to get a “slushy”. We noticed a man playing on the drums. There were people standing around him and we took a look. As we got closer, we realized that there was a girl playing with him as well.

We stood there for a while and listened to the melody. I looked around to see how many people were there when I saw a woman. She grabbed my attention, because she was standing really close to the “drummers”. Closer than everyone else. I realized she is holding a phone in her hand and filming. Nothing strange right ?

But what happened next, surprised us all. We started laughing and some people behind her as well. Why ? Well, she sure was filming…but not the actual event. She had front camera turned on, so she was filming herself the whole time ! Just a few minutes later, we realized that the girl is probably her daughter or something like that. As she stopped playing, man thanked her and she went straight to that woman and took the phone out of her hands. She looked at the video, clearly confused. She looked to the woman/mum and she was just standing there like : “What? Did I do something wrong?”

I don’t know how she didn’t realize what she was filming. She didn’t look on the screen for a single moment. My friend said later: “Ohh poor girl ! She was brave enough to join the man and play in front of all those people. She asked her mum to film her, so she could show that to others later or just to create a memory. And now this happened !” We laughed even harder.

Girl didn’t seem very disappointed after all. She probably thought that this is just how it goes when your parents get in touch with technology. Well, I think that this is an interesting story many people can tell now. It’s definitely a thing that you laugh to when looking back.