I had a chance to watch pictures from Vietnam and try some of their stuff the other day. It was fun, but mostly interesting.
First thing that they gave me to try was “rice wine”. It is not an actual wine, more like a spirit. I’m not into alcohol, so that sip that I made was not really my favourite. It has no colour, it’s clear and it was in a water bottle, so I first thought we were about to try “their” water, which was a bit strange. Why would you bring water home for your family to try it ? Does water taste different around the world? I think we have a big question to answer over here…but let’s just continue instead.

We had 4 more drinks to try. Two of them were beers and the other two juices. Let’s forget about alcohol and talk about juices. First of them was a lychee flavour and the other one..well pickle one. At least it seemed like pickles from the picture. It’s actually called Winter Melon Tea. Now, guess which one was better. Lychee one of course. The taste surprised me. It was really good ! But the Water Melon /pickles juice..amm..not my thing. I think that if I’d drank all of it I’d get sick. My brother tried it first and he was not approving it. When I tried it, I thought : ” Well it isn’t that bad ! ” But after a few moments, I understood his feelings. I won’t say it was disgusting, but it wasn’t good either. 

And then we got candy. First one was sweet, but it wasn’t really my favourite. It was good, but not yummy. It’s just really hard to explain.
Next one was wrapped so many times ! Like why ? First off with that red paper, that we actually removed, but it was a clear paper inside as well, closely attached to the candy and impossible to remove. We were all trying our best, but ended up eating half of it. I remember they told me it was coconut/nut flavour or something like that, but it didn’t taste like that at all ! It was awful to me. I’m very sorry, I’m not a picky person, but this just didn’t taste good at all. And it was super sticky as well. I had to remove it from my teeth after every bite I took.
Lastly, we got to try something salty. Crackers. With prawn flavour. I really wasn’t sure about it, especially when I got the chance to smell it. That smell tho ! Ew ! You really do not want to try that. But I did. And it was sooo good ! My brother agreed. During that picture presentation we ate almost half of it. My mum was just looking at us like: ” You are gonna get sick by eating so much of it. ”
And that’s all ! By that description you can figure out that my favourite things were… Lychee juice and those crackers. You may like some of those things that I didn’t, because we have different tastes. Asian food is different that ours and we’re just not used to it.

I hope you enjoyed this post ! I’d like to do more posts like that in the future, so let me know if you’d like that.

Have a great day !