As it’s International women’s day I decided to dedicate this blog post to it.IMG_3961

I think we should all remember how many great things were achieved by women and really respect the way they fought for us. If those women from past wouldn’t step together, we wouldn’t be here today the way we are. So big thank you to all female generations before us who were constantly thinking about the future, including our life now.

Searching the internet, many women’s “firsts” can be found. From the first one that got a degree to the first one becoming a president. There are thousands if not millions of them. Each has her story and each of them is something special. Not just because they were the first one that succeeded in doing something that no other girl has ever done before. But they became the history of this all. Each of them was a tiny piece of a bigger picture that we can see now. They all made a step towards women rights.

Imagine how many problems they had. How many of them suffered. Some that came up with something important, but nobody listened to them because they were nothing. How their only responsibility was to stay at home, cook, clean and look after kids. They weren’t allowed to have a “men’s” job, not even to vote. Can you see the difference between now and then? Do you see how important it is that they had the power to change that ?

No matter how much you deny it, there’s a fact. Women can’t live without men nor can men without women. Sorry, but it’s true. And not just because of ability to reproduce and have children. It’s how it supposed to be so I don’t see the point of not being equal. Because women need men exactly as much as men need women.

I’m saying that because I don’t want no man, possibly reading this, to feel discriminated. Judge and negate me as much as you want for writing about so stupid things. Possibly thinking: “Here we go again. Another feminist.” But please just read till the end and try to understand. And if you’ll have any questions after that, let me know. Seriously.

It’s quite hard to be a girl you know? You can’t do things because they are not lady-like, you sometimes can’t be your true self because of not wanting to be judged. If you wear too much make up you’re trying to hard. Everyone loves natural beauty (at least they say so) but they still pick the skinniest, perfect, almost non-real girls as their ideals. You are treated like some “I can’t stand for myself” creature. If you show that you care you do a mistake, because you’re not gentle and girls should be gentle. And you must do things because you’re a girl. And no other reason. No matter how much you have going on, you MUST do it.You CAN do it. You’re a girl.IMG_3992

Giving birth to a child or period cramps are probably not that painful. A kick “down there” is probably worse. Why ? Because women never refuse to have another baby. And there is no man on this planet that wants to be kicked you know where. So if having a baby would be so painful nobody would want to have another one, like boys don’t want the kick ?

You know what the worst part is? That world simply doesn’t understand. I know we are complicated and not easy to figure out. We can’t even figure out ourselves so how do you expect others to do that? I do not feel sorry for myself. I understand actually. I just want men to try and do that too.

I see people tweeting about periods on internet. Why can’t we just keep that blood inside us? Are we really that childish? It’s like a pee after all. Or why don’t we just sit on the toilet and let it go and game over? Like seriously people? Did you really skip all of your biology classes? We learn about other genders for a reason.

Women care too much and our biggest fear is probably to be rejected. Art is something that inspires us. Family is something we care about. We are loving human beings. We’d do anything to protect what we love and stand for. I am not saying that all women are like that and that it’s not possible for some to be aggressive or what so ever, but you get the idea.

The purpose of all of this is to gain respect for women and for things they do. And once again I am NOT trying to humiliate men or say that we’re “something more”. I’m not even sure if I’m a feminist. Wow, what?! A whole post dedicated to some rambling about girl life but not being a feminist ?! Let me explain.IMG_3992

I respect and support girls fighting for equality. And that’s what feminism should really be about. If that is the definition that I’m a 100 % feminist. I admire girls who fought for our rights, without whom we wouldn’t be where we are now. But I see a lot of girls that go too far. They overreact. They start humiliating men and every compliment is meant as a way that they can be treated as an object? I do understand that there are some cases like that. But if somebody says you look beautiful, you can’t be angry with them. Excuse me, but some are so full of themselves that they act like they are something more than others. It’s right to be confident but there’s a limit to it.

Call me crazy, but imagine a situation where you get period, unexpected. You have a little stain on your pants. Okay, so what ? Nothing to be ashamed about ! But you don’t have to wear those jeans for the whole week, even when your period stops just to prove something. I do respect and admire what you do. And I might be overreacting, because I just made that up and I don’t know if somebody does that. I hope you understand what I mean. I’m not against it and I’m not afraid of judging. But there are other ways to do it, just from the aspect of hygiene. If you have a reason then go for it. But to do it just to be “cool, because you’re a feminist ” then stop even trying.

Mother nature created us the way we are. With the ability to create a life inside us. How weird and amazing does that sound? There’s a connection between us. You may not see it or feel it but there is. It’s called girl love. Who would support us and be there for us if we don’t step together and do it ? I’m sure you’ve had a situation when a random girl, you didn’t even know helped you without thinking twice. We understand each other in some weird, unknown way. We are girls. And we have the power.

You know what my mum always says when something goes wrong and I feel like giving up ? I don’t know how to translate it to English without changing the meaning. It’s: “Babe zmoremo !”Similar to: “We are girls.We can do this ! “.

Again, I’m all about equality. I’d change my middle name to equality if I had one or if that would change anything.IMG_4002

So, girl, be who you are. Trust in yourself. You have no idea what you have and how proud you should be of that! Be that amazing little unique person. Grow your talents and follow your dreams. Prove those who don’t treat you right, who you can be and what can you do. Be comfortable in your skin, because that’s what nature gave you and you should be thankful for it. Learn to love yourself. Let’s learn and grow together, as a community. With our bonds so strong that the most powerful force won’t be able to break it. Because we’re girls and we do that. No other reason, but because we’re girls. We are in this together. And you know what we do? We say we can. Why? Because we do.

“Babe zmoremo !”



Connor Franta: A work in progress (Book review)

I know I’m super early reading this book. It was published back in 2015 – can’t believe it’s already been 2 years ! While he already published his second one, I’ve only read his first. And what do I think about it? Read below.2

You know when people say you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover? Well, you can in this case. I’m absolutely in love with the design and material of this book. It’s so interesting and unique to look at. I bought myself the first version of the book with a little triangle in the middle, but the second release looks great too. I’m happy they only had this one, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to choose which one to buy. 1

This was probably the first memoir that I read and as you can tell I liked it. Connor Franta is (in case you don’t already know) a Youtuber with over 5 million subscribers. I got to say that there were many Youtubers releasing their books in 2015 but his  was the only one I really wanted to have a look at. 6

I don’t know what was stopping me from not buying it before. He’s one of my favourite social media “stars”. There’s something I like about him and his videos. I love his artsy side with all those cool designs he makes. His videos are a bit different from others and I like that. A lot. It seems like he always puts so much work into them and I really admire that. I also like the way how he speaks openly about being gay and life in general. I think he likes “deep conversations” and I do the same. Generally speaking, I think we’d actually be quite good friends if we ever met.

Okay, you came for the book. It describes his journey from childhood days to becoming a succesful Youtuber. Family pictures, hand writing, letters from mum and dad, etc. make it even more personal and interesting to read. The book is not complicated. It feels like you’re sitting on a couch in his apartment, with a cup of tea in your hands and listen to him as he’s telling you your story. 87

What I liked the most of this book were his “life lessons”. He writes about friendship, love, life, identity, etc. While reading the book I constantly thought to myself : ” Omg ! I’ve been thinking like this for so long but not realizing it.” I agree with pretty much everything he wrote down. I know his struggle of not wanting to say that you’re a Youtuber, because people look at you oddly as I am experiencing the same with being a blogger. I have a scar that I don’t like too. And there’s many more.310

Besides the things that he teaches you and helps you with, the book is full of anecdotes.Boy, did I laugh at that candy he “stole” when he was 6. His writing style is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before in books. Maybe because I haven’t read any memoirs before. But he writes in a way I write blog posts. You know, with all those inside jokes and comments. It makes everything funnier and more relatable. 11

You can literally find everything in this book. From his love of coffee to why he always takes pictures of his arms. Completely random but quite interesting. I have to say I learned a lot from this book and really enjoyed reading it.It’s the kind of book you happily re-read and  I don’t have a lot of them like that. I would never recommend something I don’t like so seriously why don’t you give it a try? I can’t guarantee you you’d love it but there sure is a part you’d like or find interesting. 45

I’ve hardly put it down once I started reading it, but maybe that’s just because I like him as a person, his personality and am interested in his life. As I said he published his second book titled “Note to self” which I’m very excited to read.It looks so adorable and probably has a great content too. Let’s just hope it won’t take me two years. Again.12

What’s your opinion about this book( if you’ve read it) or “Youtuber” books in general ? Let me know in the comments !

* This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.




Visiting Museum of Illusions

As you can tell from the title of this post I was in museum. Museum of Illusions in Ljubljana. It was my first time there and it was so fun ! I took a photo of what I found interesting the most. Below you can see a few of my favourites. I blurred my and my friends’ face. It’s a bit annoying, I know. But what can you do, I’m not ready to expose myself yet. I hope you don’t mind.

IMG_3422.JPGOkay, so this was a cube. Well, it looked like there was a cube but you couldn’t touch it.

img_3433Here’s half me and half of my friend. I know we did it terribly on this picture, but you can’t exactly see our faces, so … 😉

Here we are in anti-gravity room.



I don’t know the name of this room. There were three lights, almost like you were in a disco. They created three shadows that moved exactly as you did.

IMG_3708.JPGAmes room. It makes one person bigger that the other.

img_3713Infinity room. There was about 4 or 5 mirrors and it looked like there was thousand versions of us two. There was also a disco ball inside that changed colors. Pretty cool if you ask me.IMG_3710.JPGHead on the plate.

Upside down room. The 1st and the 3rd pictures show how the room actually looked like. And yes those chairs were glued on the ceiling. But look how cool it looks if you turn the picture upside down.

There were also photo illusions, a mirror that showed you the opposite of a normal one -so if you moved your head to the right you saw it moved on the left -, optical illusions, holograms, stereograms and vortex room. Vortex room is a room with spinning walls. So you go trough that “tunnel” and you feel like you’re spinning around but you’re not. Super fun and funny to watch.

I really enjoyed visiting that museum. It’s something different. I found it very interesting as it was my first time there. Would I go there again ? Honestly, no. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an experience you must try, but I wouldn’t go back again soon. Why ? Because I just was there and I don’t think I’ll have as much fun as I did the first time because I already know all the tricks. But I would love to visit other museums of illusions or go back to this one after a while.

How about you? Have you ever been to a museum like that ? Tell me in the comments !

* Sorry again for the blurrines. It drives me crazy, but I really hope you understand.
**Not a sponsored post

Mystery blogger award

I was tagged to do this post by Mia, thank you again, lovely !. This blogger award was created by  Okoto Enigma. I think it’s a great way of helping each other out, growing your blog. Don’t forget to check out both of the girls !

The Rules
1. Put the award Logo/image in your post.
2. List all the rules.
3. Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link to their blog.
5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
 6. Nominate 10-20 people.
7. Notify each one of your nominees by commenting on their blog.
8. Ask nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with a weird or funny question (specify)
9. Share the link to your best/favourite post of yours.
3 things about me : 
1. I think too much about things.
2. I like daydreaming.
3. I like deep conversations.
Mia’s questions :
1. Where do you see you and your blog in 5 years time?
I hope I’ll be able to meet my blogger friends in person, meet new awesome people, do more writing and have more readers.
2.What is your favourite social media?
Instagram or Twitter.
3. What one scent makes you feel relaxed?
4.How do you think of ideas for your blog?
I get inspired by everyday life, books, quotes …
5. and the silly one….If you could only eat one sweet/chocolate for the rest of your life, what one would it be?
I once ate chocolate with almonds that was soo good, so probably that.
My questions :
1. What do you like blogging about ?
2. What is your biggest dream/goal at the moment ?
3. What is your favourite place you’ve ever been to ?
4. Where do you want your blog to take you ?
5. What kind of movies do you like ?
My favourite blog post : This is the first post that came to my mind. I don’t know why I like it, I just do.
My nominations : 
Other “award” posts :

Why do I blog ?

This supposed to be a guest post, but never made it till there. I still want to share my story on how it all started. So if you ever asked yourself why do I blog, here ya go.

For start, I’d like to represent myself.I am Nusha (if you don’t know that yet) and I blog (obviously). My blog is mostly about lifestyle and travel adventures. I like writing about everyday things and stuff that randomly comes to my mind. Every day is different and each of them can be an inspiration to my posts.

I’ve started blogging 3 years ago. I think that I was just randomly searching the web for something. I somehow came across blogging. At first I didn’t even think of starting my own blog. If someone would recommend it to me, I’d probably laugh. But the idea would not get out of my mind.

I watched YouTube videos all the time. I admit that I often imagined of having my own channel and would even talk to myself while getting ready. Something didn’t convince me about it. Maybe I was just too afraid. Once I came across blogging I thought to myself : “if not doing YouTube I could do blogging. It’s easier to keep it a secret if you want to and nobody has to know who’s behind all those posts !” Soon after that I was searching for good blogging websites and reading reviews. Before even knowing it I already had an account on WordPress.

It took me a bit to get used to it. I named it TravelWithMee, because I liked the idea of traveling and writing about it. I wanted to travel the world ( still want to ). But it was quite impossible to do that at my age when I wasn’t even old enough to get to the plane, neither have I visited that many places before that. I realised that there’s a long journey till I will travel again, but I really wanted to write.

I think one of my first posts was just a quick introduction of myself. I searched for ideas and decided to do lifestyle related posts. I published quite a lot of them but I had no readers and only my closest friends knew about it. The problem was that I could stop and start blogging again after months. I also created a twitter account and it was quite similar with it too.

After a while I decided to start fresh. I didn’t delete my previous blog, I put it on private. I was thinking a lot about my new name. I wanted to name it after myself but I’m from Slovenia and my whole name can be confusing sometimes even to Slovenians. I still wanted to write in English so everyone could read it. My name is Nuša, but I changed it to Nusha for blog. I thought it was just long enough and easy to remember. I decided to get serious with it. Still many people don’t know about it. I’m not embarrassed of it, I just don’t want people to know. It’s not a common thing here to have a blog or YouTube channel and I don’t want to be remembered as “the one with a blog” even if it isn’t meant in a negative way. I don’t mind if anyone finds it. Go ahead. I just won’t tell you to go search for it.

I’m getting way more comfortable now. Especially since I met @GRLPOWRCHAT girls. I uploaded my profile picture from behind but it’s quite a huge step for me. I came quite far. I even have readers now ! I found out that blogging is kind of my thing. I like expressing my mind and talking about specific topics. Just writing basically. When some people said that they loved my latest post or my blog in general that meant so much. That motivated me to keep doing it (still does). I now try to post at least once a week and not twice a month as I used to.

Blogging has helped me with expressing myself, gave me confidence, I improved my writing skills and English. It made me so much happier as well. I now search for inspiration in every day, because something that inspired me to do a certain blog post might inspire my readers too. I like to help and make people happy. Blog kind of gives me the chance to do it in a way.

My blogging experiences are great so far. It helped me meet so many amazing people who I wouldn’t otherwise. Sure, it stresses me out sometimes, because I don’t know what to post or don’t have time. But a single comment changes everything. Just knowing that people actually read my blog is incredible.

I don’t know what future will bring. I have never imagined I would be a part of GRLPOWR blogging community or that stats would actually show me something. I definitely want to continue doing it. I hope I’ll get the chance to meet even more people and create memories.

I don’t know where do I want to get with blogging. It’s a hobby that takes a lot of time. I hope it will offer me opportunities I wouldn’t get otherwise. I hope I’ll get better and help spreading positivity and joy among people. That I will make someones day even for just a second.

So yeah. I’ve posted my first ever post 3 years ago. I made a new site a year ago. What about you ? Do you have a blog ? What’s your story behind it ?

Tell me in the comments !

Dear, -end of 2017- me

Dear, me !

You are probably reading this one year later. You may find it weird but 2017 just began now. I’m having quite a good feeling about it at the moment. I hope it really was great !

I don’t know what happened to you. Congratulations on everything that you achieved this year. If something bad happened, you will get trough it. Everything will be okay. Trust me, I know. We’ve been trough rough times before.

I hope you’ve traveled a lot and met many people. I’d like you to remember me by how stupid I was and how I didn’t know all those stories were about to happen. The ones that you’re telling your friends about.

Oh, friends ! Did you meet any ? Can’t wait to meet them all. Are there any blogger friends you met in person ? Uh, you got me excited. Imagine that to happen ! Anyways, I hope you still know who was there for you all this time. That friend that supports you with your blog and you always have fun with ? Yeah, don’t forget her. Call her right now and thank her. I mean it.

You’re probably friends with everyone as you always were. I hope you learned a way on how to avoid that negative people in your life without hard feelings. No matter what happened and what you did, I trust you. Even if you got in a fight with somebody, you probably had a reason for it. And I know you don’t fight so it must be big if you did.

I hope you’re still blogging. I love it and get so excited when I post things. I hope you still feel the same. Please don’t quit. I know it’s hard to find time to do everything that you want, but don’t stop blogging. Even if you quit start again. Take a break and start again. Just a few months ago I had no comments, readers – nothing ! I didn’t even know about the Twitter chats. About that … how are the GRLPOWR girls ? Let them know, I say hi and hope they had a great year ! What I meant was, look where I was and now I reached 50 followers on blog, 100 likes, etc. ?! Oh, remember that those are just numbers and don’t mean anything. My point was – you have readers ! You reached something you thought was impossible.

Omg ! You turned 17 this year ! How was it ?! And omg again you’re in 3rd grade of high school. This is the last one before matura exam, you do realize that, right ? Good luck, girl ! I know you’re smiling and thinking to yourself : ” Look where I was just a year ago ! ”

Are you still dancing ? You used to love it. Not that long ago I had a performance at the end of the year. Do you remember ? You got a lot of compliments on that. Everybody seemed to love it. Dance makes me smile and makes me forget about life for a bit. Even if you don’t dance anymore, I hope you at least do it in your free time for fun.

How’s family? Are there any new members ? Wait. Do YOU have a boyfriend ? Oh, dear. I don’t know what to say. If you do, does your dog like him ? If he does it’s okay, if not well think about it twice. Your dog is a great psychological machine. If he doesn’t like someone than there must be something wrong. Why am I even telling you this ? You know that already. Oh, congrats if you do have one tho. If not, it’s okay. We are in this together.

I remembered one more thing about blogging. Did you tell people about it ? Like, did you share it on your personal accounts or something like that ? Just a few people know about it now. Family and some friends. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and I don’t know why I haven’t yet. I don’t know why I’m scared. If people will talk behind your back, let them. You had the guts to do it, and you did something special. And you got some positive feedback and you know there are people who actually like your blog. At least you’ll know who supports you in that kind of stuff and who will make fun of you. I kind of motivated myself to do it now, but I think I’ll need some more time.

And now, you. There’s nothing wrong if you’ve changed. It’s normal. I just hope you’re still happy, positive person who laughs and tries to make other people laugh all the time. I like my personality (hope that doesn’t sound selfish). Just be you, okay ?

No matter what happened remember the good times. Things we’ve been trough and every experience that you got. Keep being optimistic and thankful for your life. Enjoy every moment of it ! Little things in life matter the most.

I really hope 2017 was amazing for you. Here’s to 2018 !
Lots of love



Bye, 2016

2016 is gone. I don’t know how I feel about it. Some really amazing things happened and some not so great ones as well. I like remembering the nice ones, so I will only list best things that happened to me, that I can remember and things I learned mean while.

Family & friends

This may sound stupid, but I realized who I can trust. I realized who my real friends are. It’s funny how I knew this things all along but never really noticed it or thought about it.

My family is simply the best and I love the relationship we have built over the past years. They are the ones I can trust, who love me and support me in good and bad.

It’s not that I didn’t know that before, but I started to appreciate it more.

And when it comes to friends… There is still as many of them as there was before. I haven’t excluded anybody. I just realized who are the ones that support me and ones that call me just when they need something.

Oh, can’t forget about all of the amazing people I met this year, including some blogger friends over the internet.


I visited some awesome places this year. I’ve been to Amsterdam, Graz … I even went to mountains here, in Slovenia. Absolutely amazing !

My posts about Netherlands : 1 , 2 , 3

and Graz.


It’s been such a great year when it comes to this blog. So many amazing things happened that I’m afraid I’ll forget to name them all.

First of all, I found out about Twitter chats. I had no idea they exist.

I became part of one, called GRLPOWR (read about it here ). I met some amazing girls that became very good friends of mine. It’s like I know them for ages. And our relationship is probably better than with half of the people I really do know for ages.

Becoming part of this little blogging community was one of the best things that happened to me. I hosted my very first chats, etc.

I met and talked to so many bloggers. I know people from all over the world and it’s just insane.

I just reached 500 followers in just a few months, starting off with 10. Not saying that numbers matter, because they don’t, but it was such a huge change for my blog.

I got my first ever blog comments and followers. That inspired me so much. They / you are all so nice, I can’t believe this is actually happening. I’m so thankful. I can’t even express it with words.

This motivates me so much and I starter taking blogging seriously. I always try my best and it’s great getting some feedback and compliments.

I did my first giveaway! Winner just got the package yesterday. I can’t believe everything actually went fine and they didn’t lose it.

I can go on with this list, but I’d rather just thank you one more time. THANK YOU !

I actually have readers now ! What ?!


I’m a year older. Turned 16. As I said before, I realized what kind of people I like, got some experiences and learned a bit more about life.

2016 ? Quite amazing and full of surprises. I’m ready for new challenges, stories to tell and posts to write. I can’t wait what 2017 will bring. So, bye, 2016 !


25 things I love about Christmas


And the last Blogmas post *cries*. I want to end it up positively so I made a list of things I love about it.

  1. the atmosphere / holiday spirit
  2. spending time with family
  3. singing & listening the Christmas carols
  4. baking / eating cookies
  5. smell of the house in the Christmas time
  6. shopping & wrapping the presents
  7. the excitement
  8. the look of untouched snow
  9. watching it snow from the inside
  10. playing in snow
  11. drinking hot chocolate
  12. food
  13. getting comfy under a blanket
  14. decorating the Christmas tree
  15. decorations, ornaments in general
  16. how people become nice and happy
  17. wearing sweaters
  18. finding a perfect gift for someone
  19. opening the presents
  20. writing letters to Santa – as a kid
  21. getting / sending Christmas cards
  22. watching Christmas movies
  23. candles
  24. Christmas lights
  25. watching people’s reactions when they open their gifts


What are you even doing over here ? Go out, it’s Christmas ! ( I love you and I’m very thankful that you are here but seriously go now). I hope you are having a great day ! Make it as amazing as you can !




24 words that remind me of Christmas

I know this is a very random post but I had to came up with 25 blog post ideas so you can forgive me. snow



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