To everyone spending Valentine’s Day alone

First of all you are not alone and you should not feel bad about that.

Second, I won’t be trying to convince you that you don’t need anyone and you are better on your own, because to be honest I do not know that. Maybe you are happier alone but maybe not. Either way it’s okay. You will find someone someday. Why wouldn’t you ?

I don’t know what exactly am I trying to achieve with this post. Last couple of days haven’t been my best. They had nothing in common with my love life but maybe I realized that this is the topic I usually think about when I have nothing better to do. Okay, you see a cute boy/girl and start thinking about him/her. Okay. You can’t really influence that. But, when there’s nobody special in your life and you’re just thinking about how nice it would be to have someone, you’re basically just entertaining yourself so you’re not bored. Or you might be daydreaming to forget about the rest of things around you. It might comfort you a bit, imagining that someone is in love with you. Maybe someone truly is.DSC_0094

So that being said, think about all the times you’ve been truly happy doing something on your own or with your friends without any kind of crushes. How many times have you thought to yourself you’re unhappy because you don’t have someone ‘special’ next to you? Well maybe you did. I couldn’t possibly know that. What I’m trying to say is, you’re only thinking about it and feeling sorry about yourself when you want to or make yourself think that. No, you should not ignore your thoughts. No, you should not lock yourself inside, convincing yourself you don’t need no man/woman. But you should not cry about it all the time either. Think about it. How many times did something great happen to you unexpectedly ? Quite a few, huh ? Usually, (maybe it’s just me) the less I think about someone, the more chances are that something nice will happen. If you keep thinking about all possible scenarios you end up being miserable and not happy because non of it came true.DSC_0104

Now, Valentine’s day. Come on. What do couples really get out of it ? Yes, they are buying each other gifts and convincing love to one another, but they shouldn’t need a special day for that. I mean, what if everything is just made because of industry, money. Buy chocolate hearts and flowers and teddy bears so your partner will love you! Yeah, sure.

I admit, chocolate does make you happy, but that’s because it’s chocolate, not because it’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone expects to get something and is brainwashed with movie scenes of that day, how you’re watching Netflix with someone and going out on fancy dinner. Okay. I want that too. But that’s movies, kids. Haven’t life thought you that movies are waaaay different from actual, real life ?DSC_0103

We’re all jealous of those Instagram stories and cute pictures and cute gifts and cute matchy T-shirts. Anyways, cuteness overload. But come on. They can brag with heart-shaped pillow when you can fill your heart with spending the day doing something that fulfills you. (Or just sleep the whole day. I mean, I don’t care. People need to sleep.)

I don’t think that many perfect couples are actually so perfect if that makes you feel better. I hear “oh do you know he cheated on her like 10 times” all the time. For people I’d never thought. “But they do so many things together” ,“They are so cute together”, “Haven’t they been dating for like 2 years now?”.DSC_0088

Anyways, there are more important things to worry about. So many things are happening around you that you probably don’t see. Open your eyes for something other than searching prince charming. You’ll find him or he’ll find you sooner or later. Till then, do your thing. Dance, study, jump, run, read, sleep, laugh, cry… I don’t care. Do you and don’t you dare thinking you’re not good enough to make it happen.


3 Days in Nassfeld

Last weekend was one of the best ones I had in a long time. I went skiing with two of my friends in Nassfeld. It was my first time skiing for more than a day and on a ski resort so big. I’ve been to Austrian ski resorts before, but this one was the biggest and best I’ve been to. It’s probably nothing special comparing to those in Italia, France, etc. But going from one chairlift in Slovenia to those who have at least two is quite a big change. Anyways we had such a great time. I’m not a perfect skier and doubted in myself before going, but it ended up being one of the greatest experiences.

We were staying in a small apartment by very kind people. I had some problems with my skis and they didn’t hesitate to help me. They even offered to take me to the service if they wouldn’t be able to solve it. But they did. I am so thankful to them. Their hospitality was absolutely amazing. We had plenty of room, a nice view. Everything you could wish for.

I wanted to share pictures, because I’m sure you’re more interested in that than my rambling. I have to apologize for the quality of them. You know when they look so great when you take them on your phone and watch in gallery later, but once you put them on computer they’re absolutely s**t.

This is a quick video of our lovely apartment. Oh, and we saw deers the moment we looked out of the window. What a fairy tale ! (1)

Beautiful nature around us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And a few pics of the ski resort. It was a bit foggy that day, but still fun ! 27018008_1543315652442273_1940047217_o27018890_1543315639108941_2085517910_o27047057_1543315645775607_1196146379_o27047068_1543315635775608_2072839729_o

Do you ski ? Where was the last place you went to ?



Dear – beginning of 2017- me

Reply to a letter I wrote to myself at the beginning of 2017.

Hii !

Oh well. Where do I start ? I have to say that 2017 was not that bad. I did some things I never thought I would and some of I’m very proud of. Unfortunately, I did not travel that much this year. At least not as much as I wanted to. There was this school trip planned, I was very excited for, but got cancelled. So besides Croatia and a few days in Austria, that’s basically it.

I met some new people. Some of them I knew before, but did not speak to them before. Oh and also reconnected a lot with old friends which was nice. I got an awesome blogger friend, you won’t believe, from Slovenia. You know what’s funny about that? That she’s your friend for so long now, but neither of you did not know about each others blog. Yes, Tjash, I’m talking about you if you’re reading this. You have no idea how happy I am that I found out about it and you’re being so supportive. You gave me motivation to continue with writing. Thank you for your help and just basically everything. You’re such a good friend.

I did not get into any bigger fights this year. There’s just one I remember but wasn’t really a fight. It was stupid and it didn’t have much sense. I get along with everyone pretty well. I don’t hate anyone, but I don’t think I ever really did.

Obviously, I’m still blogging. I have to say I’m doing a bit poorly at the moment. I only did one post in December and no, I’m not proud of that. I could list excuses but what’s the point, really? I’m trying and that’s all I’ve got to say. Hm..GRLPOWR. It did not end the way you imagined. You are not more connected than ever, etc. It actually got sooo close to just deleting the whole account. You stayed by yourself and asked Tjash to help you run it. But Eloise and Cesca came back so there’s 4 of you now. There were some changes made and we’re doing quite well now I think.

About numbers. I know they don’t mean a lot but just to get you a feeling where you were and where you are now. You had about 500 followers on Twitter. This year you reached 1000. Currently 1019 followers. You got to 153 followers on blog, starting off with your first ones last year. You got a bunch of likes and comments. I don’t know the number but you did well.

My 17th birthday was quite amazing. I got up very early to watch the sunrise and it was just beautiful. The whole summer was awesome. This was the longest you’ve ever been on holidays. You’ve been in Croatia for about 46 days ! You’ve spent the time with amazing people doing so many things ! You went parasailing which you dreamed of since you were little. You went on boat rides. You went to fun park, spend time playing with children, playing volleyball and going out on evenings. You hanged out with people you would never thought of. You even found a camera in the sea. It just was there. So yeah, awesome !

3rd grade of high school started well. YOU GOT AN A IN PHYSICS !  I bet you didn’t expect that to happen, did you? We got this, girl ! I also got involved with a lot of projects. I started volunteering in the local kindergarten and started doing research for chemistry. There’s also a DSD coming up in a few months. I passed the first aid for the driving license. There’s so much more you have to do before starting to drive. Oh my gosh did you hear that ? I’ll start driving soon.

Yes, I am still dancing. Some girls joined and you became great friends. I’m also attending a dance competition at the end of January. I don’t think you expected that either. Wish me luck !

Family is okay and there are no new members. No, you do not have a boyfriend. Neither did I announce my blog to anyone. More people know about it for sure but it’s not exactly “public”, but I think I’m actually going to stick to that. I like it better that way. Oh, I forgot to mention you got your very first payment for blog ! How awesome is that ?!

I don’t know whether I changed much or not. I’m happy with myself right now where I am. Of course there are things I want to change but I know it’s okay not to be perfect all the time.

So yeah, so many things happened. Some of them we didn’t expect. I’m actually quite jealous of you, writing a letter a year ago, not knowing all of this. Do you see how many memories you made and how many stories you’ve been a part of ? This is just amazing.

With love


Christmas challenge

Can you believe it’s actually the 1st day of December ? I can’t. To celebrate the happy month I wanted to take part in Blogmas but unfortunately I won’t be able to. There’s a bunch of posts from last year that I still like and I’ll be re-sharing those. But I had to do something at least for the official Christmas countdown. So I created a challenge. It’s like an advent calendar but with daily tasks instead of chocolate.

Copy of countdown to.jpg

As I said I won’t be posting on daily basis, but there will be other Christmas related posts. Will you take part in the challenge? Let me know in the comments !


Let’s talk about trends

Every human being on this world does one thing all the time and that is trying to fit in. Society is important part of our lives. Nobody wants to be the odd one, the lonely one. I don’t know whether people are so similar or big companies took advantage of that, but there’s a thing called trends that somehow connects people from all around the world.

Some people are obsessed with them and spend most of their time looking for new ones. How to be more popular ? How to fit in even more ? Answer : trends. There are people who made them up, sometimes without knowing it. And there are people who couldn’t care less.

However, everybody follows them in a way eventually. No matter how much you hate it, there are everywhere. Shops sell the same stuff and sometimes you have nothing to do but to buy a trendy  item because that’s all they’ve got. Sometimes you don’t even know you bought it, because EVERYTHING is trendy. And you start being the sheep as everybody else subconsciously.DSC_0124

If everybody wears the same shirt that must be good. And if everybody wears it, I’ll buy myself one as well because if I’d had the same one people will accept me, right ? I do agree that trends connect people in a way but there is one thing about them I don’t understand.

Firstly, people are willing to pay enormous amounts of money for a normal shirt, that’s not even pretty but just has the name of the brand on. Okay, do that. Wear whatever you want. Spend how much you want. But what’s the point ?DSC_0196

I’ve seen girls wearing the same shirt everywhere I went. Are you really willing to pay that much for a clothing item that everybody will be wearing ? I hear girls complain about seeing someone wearing the same outfit as them, but this doesn’t bother them ? And that’s just because it’s from a specific brand ?

Let me not talk about logos. Sometimes they are so small that you barely see them, but people will spend hundreds of dollars for them anyway because it’s cool and trendy. WHY ? I apologize, but I think that’s stupid.DSC_0128

People became so obsessed with what people will think and how to get noticed that they forgot about things more important than that. Why not being creative and sewing something by yourself and showing off with that instead ? That would be better for sure. But who am I to know such things ?

There are trends people made up that are completely insane. But, hey, it’s a trend so you have to try it. Nobody even thinks anymore. Let’s do what everyone does. No, no & no. As life would be boring with all people thinking the same and being the same, life would be boring with everybody dressing the same, etc.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t “copy” something you like. Just make sure that doesn’t change who you are. Besides you don’t need that. Nor do you have to buy “at least socks which don’t cost that much, but you feel great because they’re from the brand everybody wears”.DSC_0193

And it’s not just about clothes. There are things that became popular by accident, completely random. Because of enough shares or because somebody famous shared it. Come on what the hell were those girls thinking doing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge ? Even if it did work it wouldn’t last and they would look unnatural. Besides they were willing to do something harmful to themselves because of internet, popularity and I don’t know what else ?

Games. Oh my God. There are some that people would never even find or look at but hey, magically everybody plays them so we know what that means. One example is Pokemon Go. Very entertaining and fun to play people say. Okay, why not maybe it is. But I’ve heard a radio notice warning the tourists not to play it in mountains and God knows where because there were actually injuries because of that !

Or dabbing. What on Earth even is that and where did it came from ? Okay, it’s funny for a while but now it’s just stupid and annoying. At least that’s my opinion. I should probably stop naming them to not offend anyone.

Before you start hating me I have to say that trends can be a good thing too. People around the world get connected somehow. You are able to get new friends and do things you never would otherwise.

Again, I’m not against things you do. Do whatever you want. Wear whatever you want. I just find it stupid to spend so much time and money on something that by my opinion is not worth it.DSC_0194

Look, I wear trendy stuff too. Because I like some of it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t. Just don’t do it because you think you need to. Don’t buy something you don’t like just to fit in. And I like some trends, no matter how stupid they are. Some make me smile or make me think. I don’t usually hate them. I have nothing against them. They just usually become annoying after a while because people don’t seem to forget. It’s like a joke. Funny for the first few times, but then just annoying.

What’s your opinion about that ? Share in the comments !

*As you can see items on pictures are all fake. This was made by two of my friends who gave it as a gift to me. They’ve probably spend less than 20€ for everything and wrote the logos by themselves. I don’t think faking products is good but it’s a nice joke and I though it would go well with the content of this post. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. The brands on the pictures are some of the greatest ones and I respect that. I support their work and I think it’s amazing for someone to come that far. So, honestly hatts off.That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t wear that. I can’t afford it, but the fact how some people are acting about it disturbs me. Sorry, but the price of the clothes you wear doesn’t make you any better from those who don’t.Once again it is a unharmful JOKE.


I wrote a poem ?

Well yes. Yes I did. I don’t know how it happened nor why but it did. It’s short and lame but I decided to post it anyways. I felt inspired and the words just wrote themselves somehow. It’s my first poem of this sort so be gentle. I wrote it a while ago but only now decided to post it. We’ll see whether that was a good decision or not.DSC_0072

I imagined it as a spoken word poetry and wanted to do a little video with it. I thought that could turn out even more awakward but let me know if you still want me to do that. Here we go.


How awesome would it be
to be able to touch the clouds ?
Maybe there’s nothing to see,
maybe there are no sounds,
but I’d just like to know how it feels
to be there
and watch their rainy meals,
doing nothing but stare,
with puff in your hands
and wind in your hair,
going trough lands,
mixing the air.

How awesome would it be
finding a way,
just for me
without the clouds skipping away ?
To jump and run
and walk and lay
to scream for fun
or maybe pray.
I see them going by
day by day
making me wanna cry
because they don’t stay.

How awesome would it be
flying far,
to know their recipe
of meeting a star ?
I like the colors sunrise gives
or even sunset,
when sun leaves,
with regret.
I know it’s just a dream
I have when I adore
how beautiful they seem,
always wishing more.


Please let me know what you think about it. Shall I try to write another one or is it better that I stop ? Let me know in the comments !


Lauren Oliver: Vanishing girls (Book review)

One of my monthly goals was to start reading more. I went to the library and after standing there for the longest time I finally picked one. I felt so proud of myself for doing a step forward to achieving the goal. The thing is that I used to read a lot. I’d spend the whole afternoon, day by day reading. Because of the school work and things like that I forgot about my hobby for a while. I missed it in a way and I decided to start again. Not necessarily wanting to read 37057 books by the end of the year but one every now and then.21985761_1429951060445400_1820332773_o

I picked up “Vanishing girls” from Lauren Oliver. It’s a psychological thriller about siblings. The story is about two unbelievably connected sisters (Nick & Dara) who look almost the same but are completely different. Dara is the prettier and more popular one, the trouble maker and the one who parties a lot. On the other hand Nick is a good girl, always looking after her slightly younger sister. They get in a car accident and everything changes afterwards. Their relationship gets weaker and there are also some love problems with a handsome neighbour Parker. In the meantime a nine-year-old Madeline Snow vanishes and the whole town is dealing with the missing girl. When on her birthday, Dara vanishes too, Nick, after realizing it’s not just one of her sister’s games, gets convinced that the two disappearances are somehow connected.21951761_1429951080445398_1298670394_o.jpg

That’s all I’m going to share because I don’t want to spoil the book too much in case anybody intends to read it.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about the book. It was not bad but it’s not one of my favourites either. I have to say I had a hard time putting it down. I just don’t know whether that was because of my excitement for reading again or the twists and plots in the story. It was definitely interesting to read. It got me even confused at times. There were some parts where I predicted the ending, following up with something completely different, but ended up as I predicted. The ending did surprise me even tho I predicted a tiny part of it at the very beginning of the book. I’d give the book 2.5 stars out of 5. Remember that’s just my opinion and don’t hesitate to read it if it grabbed your attention. As I said it wasn’t bad and I couldn’t wait to read it on.

Maybe it was the fact that everything sounded so cliché that disturbed me. I’m tired of the same old “teenage love” and “being a teenager is all about drinking & being popular in high school” types of stories at the moment. Also the book isn’t exactly like the description that back of the book gives. It definitely includes all of it but there’s a bigger picture you only see at the end.21981557_1429951057112067_1961870251_o

I like the writing style of the author. There are some parts of the book I really like. Some thoughts are written down so well.21952301_1429951083778731_193002391_o

I also like the idea of including “diary entries” of the characters.22015455_1429951077112065_752438701_o.jpg

I don’t regret reading the book and I look forward to reading more of them from Lauren Oliver. Have you ever heard of the author or read the book yourself ? Share your thoughts in the comment section !

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* This is NOT a sponsored post. All pictures and opinions are my own.



The happiest award

Hey there !
Anything new ? I started school again. Feels so weird to be back and a year older. I think this year is going to be though and stressful but I’ll get trough. I have to. I’ve also been recently nominated to do this post. It grabbed my attention right away just because of the title of it. I got nominated by Ann. She’s a lovely blogger who blogs about english-speaking countries. Her blog is very interesting and unique so I recommend you just go there and see it by yourself. Click here to see her blog ! Oh, and Ann if you’re reading this …thank you again for the nomination !

This award was created by Silvia (click here to check her blog as well).


  • Notify the people that you have nominated that you have nominated them
  • Share your favourite blog post (from your blog)
  • Nominate 5-15 people
  • Answer the questions
  • Share the award logo
  • Share the rules
  • Name the award creator and provide a link to her blog
  • Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link to her blog


This award is about happiness, so all the questions are related to it!
Why not talking about the things that make us happy?

Can you tell us your favourite…

  • place: My room or just a random quiet place in nature.
  • film/TV show: Probably Into the Wild.
  • song: Oh this one is hard ! There are so many that I like ! Let’s say Robbers by The 1975 and Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers at the moment.
  • activity: Dancing !
  • drink: I usually drink water so I guess that. Or maybe water with lemon or something you add to it.
  • food: I’m a big fan of tortillas, but also love chicken salad. Is it wrong if I say everything ?
  • holiday: Christmas ! Everybody gets so nice and jolly it’s just great.
  • book: I actually don’t have a favourite one. I’ve read a few that I liked but haven’t found the one that’d really amazed me to the point I could call it “my favourite”

Name 3 things that make you happy

Smiles, sun, dancing.

There are so many other things it’s hard to name just three. Almost everything that has at least a bit of positivity makes me happy.
My favourite post : This one at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed this post ! Let me know if you’d like me to do a separate posts of “my favourites” as I have too many to name. (My favourite movies for example).

Have a lovely day !


Summer 2017

I’m not going to lie. My summer was quite awesome this year. I’ve experienced new things and met lots of awesome people. It was probably the first time “this summer is going to be great” actually came to reality.

First of all, I was by the seaside for 46 days. From 1st July to 15th August. I admit I was a bit tired of it at the end, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. So many things happened ! Here are the highlights :

I went to Fun park !

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetfun park

Chilling under the trees and reading a book.

Drinking coconut water from the coconut.


Hiking adventures.

Drinking coctails.

Eating ice cream cups.

Admiring the sea.

Boat ride.

I even found a camera with a footage on it and full battery.

And that’s not all of it. I’ve played volleyball, went parasailing, met people, watched fireworks, sat by the beach and had deep conversations with my friends. I played with kids and taught one how to reflect a ball so he’s enthused about volleyball now. By sayings of people around me I’ve reached tan goal as I don’t remember ever being so tanned as this year. I even got scratched by a dog. I’ve also turned 17 and spent lots of time with my friends when I came home.

So yeah, my summer was pretty amazing, what about yours ? Did you do anything interesting this year ?


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